5 Local SEO Techniques That Are Often Overlooked

Local search is growing. More and more people are looking for services in their local area online. Quite frankly, if you have a business that offers services to an area or region and you don’t have a website, you’re potentially missing out on a lot of business.

With that being said, a lot of local businesses that do have websites might be struggling to be seen. If you’ve done everything right and you still cannot climb above your competitors in local search, try out these often over looked local SEO techniques and see if these give you the push you’re after.

Get a Google View Photo Shoot

Since 2010, Google has let business owners hire a Google Trusted Photographer to come into your store of office and take photos and splice them together to offer a virtual tour.

It is a great way if you’re a café owner, a restaurateur or any other store front business to give potential customers a view of your business before they step through the door. It is also a way that could help to drive engagement, as on your knowledge graph listing you will have a new tab saying “See Inside”.

Schema Markup

Having the right schema marked up on your website, especially if you’re a local business is becoming vital. Having Schema markup on your website enhances its SEO power, and if you mark everything up correctly, then you have an SEO powerhouse on your hands. Having everything from your business type, location, blog, map and images marked up with Schema gives you a big advantage over competitors.

Have a Reviews Page

Having somewhere on your website to showcase reviews and testimonials and to ask customers to leave reviews is a great way to increase your rankings within local search. Reviews can help to push your listing past competitors that do not have reviews and are directly a ranking factor for local SEO.

You can build a page like this from scratch, or use something such as Grade.us to create a page where users can see and leave reviews. You could also include links to review pages in your email signature if you have a lot of contact with customers via email. Don’t just focus on Google reviews either, having reviews on different platforms helps to build your businesses credibility.

Local and Industry Associations

Joining associations like your Local Chamber of Commerce is one of the highest authority local links you can get. Not only do they offer you a nice and strong local link, there is also the potential for a myriad of offline benefits and connections that you can make. Engaging with other local businesses and organizations isn’t a bad thing and you could potentially form strong ties with these that can only benefit you in the future.

Blog Content

Often overlooked by local businesses, having a blog can be a great way to engage people in your local area. It should also be used as a hub to answer any questions that your customers may or do have. Is there a few questions that you get asked a lot on a day to day basis about your company? Answer it in a blog post! Not only does it answer their questions, but it is great for Local SEO.

The most important thing to takeaway with blog posts is that you should be writing for your readers and potential customers, not search engines. Don’t try to create blog posts that target your primary keywords!

If you successfully implement some of these local SEO techniques, you should start to see some results. These are some of the more prominent techniques that I find people to often overlook and these techniques can be really powerful for improving your visibility in local search.

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Tuesday, 23 July 2019
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