5 Insanely Simple Habits of Highly Successful Digital marketers

I have been using Twitter for 5 years now. And to tell you the truth I struggled for the first 3 years in an enormous way. I used to see digital marketers from around the globe have more than 100,000 followers and feel insignificant in the sea of the digital age. But as I formed a habit of spending time on social media and learning the traits of digital marketers, I came to know that these digital marketing gurus have specific rituals that make them different than others.

In this blog, I'll be talking about the habits and patterns that these crafty digital marketers have adopted over the years. Presenting the 5 insanely simple habits of highly successful Digital marketers.

Habit 1: Make a plan

It is not limited to digital marketers. This habit was common among a lot of successful people. Starting from Richard Brandon which he shared in an interview “Every morning, I close my eyes and spend 45 minutes, planning my day.” and Bill Gates who said “I do planning every night prior to my day.” and also Darren Rowse, founder ProBlogger said “I plan my every post. And until I am not satisfied with the result in my mind, I do not proceed.”

Planning is important, and planning in detail is even more important. Whenever there is an urge for you to post do not post without planning it first. Identify the topic you are willing to post and do the research. After you have done the research, draft your post and publish it at the time when there is a lot of traffic on the internet. You can easily find the best time to post on social media by many tools on the internet.

Habit 2: Research, Implement & Repeat

When I was starting out as a marketer I read a lot of books and interviewed many known stars of social media. One advice I got from Muhammad Ali, Digital Marketer at DubaiMonsters.com was “Before you jumpstart anything. Do your research or hire someone who can do it for you. It took 6 months of research to make DubaiMonsters.com one of the known brand across UAE and all was because of our extensive research. “

Next step after the research is to analyze and implement the findings. Doing the research is the hard part, but implementing it is the hardest. Because implementing means failing. And once you start failing you will start succeeding. But the only requirement is, you need that passion, that hunger to do what is right for you, and your business.

The final step is to repeat what is working for you. One advice I would like to give is when people work on something and it doesn’t turn out well, they change it in an instant, without finding out what is wrong. If something is working, see what made it successful and do that more.

Habit 3: The right tools

Using the right tools is what differentiates you from your competition. They might be using the same tools, but for you to stand out, you need to focus on the tools they are weak at. With this, you can surely outsmart your competition. Digital marketing tools like Sniply can bring in a lot of traffic on your website. Hubspot is another well-known tool to automate your social media updates without draining your energy.

You can use these tools and many others on the market that will suit you and will save your time and energy at the same time. These tools will surely boost your productivity and you can focus on the most important things.

Habit 4: Never Stop Learning

Did you hear about the digital marketer who stopped learning? They got fired. This is why: there is no room for staying stagnant in a digital marketing world that moves at lightning speed. Make sure you’re staying up to date with the latest digital marketing news and trends in your digital marketing field.

The more you learn, more you will grow, and harder it will be for your competitors to catch up. Read blogs, listen to podcasts, go to Twitter and talk with the experts, go to forums and learn from there. Ask questions, but whatever you do not stop learning.

Habit 5: Motivate Yourself

Digital marketing is an industry where marketers need to motivate themselves. That’s why you’ll see so many job novice looking for “self-motivation.” Self-motivated individuals are great at problem solving, organization and delegation. They are passionate and deeply enthusiastic about their art – everything an effective digital marketer should be.

In case you are opting for interviews, it's essential to demonstrate you are self- motivated enough in order to survive within your fresh digital marketing role. You can do so much by remembering that sheer success requires a keen interest in everything and execution from you. Perhaps with so much over-night success ads around then market, you built a perception that it is easy to succeed without staying motivated, which is entirely wrong. Self-motivation is the backbone of every successful individual.

To bottle it all up

It is an era of fast phase success. If you do not work fast and break things, someone else will do that for you. So, it is better to fight like a warrior and return like a billionaire than to stay low and rely on ancient things that do nothing for you. Get your gears ready and outsmart the competition by following the above five habits.



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Wednesday, 24 July 2019
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