5 Handy Tips To Bear In Mind Before Engaging An SEO Firm

SEO has reached a tipping point and the whole digital landscape depends on good SEO in order to get people to view content and to convert them. This means that the need for a good SEO program has never been more and before you consider getting an SEO firm to optimize your pages and all, it is important that you initiate the first action and only later will you let in the professionals who will move you to that position that you desire.

Now, before we proceed further, let us all begin by talking about what SEO is. SEO is the use of techniques and tactics designed to increase the visibility of a website’s web pages on the results of search engine results pages, SERPs. This implies a deliberate, well calculated, clear path of action whose sole reason is to make sure that you get as many eyeballs on your content as possible and convert those visitors to become buyers of your product.


SMART Metric’s

Okay, so now let us get down to your responsibility as a website owner before we get to the responsibility of the SEO firm of optimizing and building upon the foundation which you have laid. Just so that we can be clear, SEO is a process and most campaigns take some 3 to 6 months for one to see a sustainable increase in the numbers and in the desired action, say an increase of 60% in the number of click through and consequent purchases.

It is a feedback loop process that uses the SMART metric. The SMART criterion means that the whole exercise is designed according to this; It has to be Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic and Time-Related. This means quite simply that the whole program is designed around a specific cause of action, which is measurable, to ascertain its efficacy, is realistic, meaning that your expectations have to be peppered with reality.

Ultimately, it is time-related, meaning the outcomes should be measured after a pre-defined period of time and therefore, the process can be repeated until the solution that is desired becomes attainable. So, before you call in the professionals from the Orlando SEO Firm you must have this sorted;

  • Create The Platform - This might seem like a no brainer but before you even think or contemplate of bringing in the experts to optimize your content and make it more visible, you need to have a website first. This website should meet the following criteria right from the outset; it should be easily navigable, intuitive and employ fonts that make it readable to the target audience.
  • Produce Astounding Content – After you are through with the architecture of the website, having made it both aesthetically pleasing and functional, you must start producing great content. This means that you need to start producing original content which speaks to the needs of the target audience. This content must be original, so that you do not get penalized by search engines for promoting duplicate content and you must make sure that you use proper formatting, short paragraphs, sub headings, images and graphs to make it more readable.
  • Share Your Content – Now that you have begun developing great content that is easily scannable and which gives value to your audience, it is time to move to the next logical step. This step involves you getting the eyeballs to interact with your great content. This is because the ultimate reason for developing content is so that you can communicate your point across to the target group of people.

This is where social media and social bookmarking websites come into play. You must embed a sharing service into your content, for instance you can use add this, a service which will allow you to share your content across the top 10 social media websites at a click of a button. Thus, your readers can instantly share what they are reading with their social community by simply clicking on the button and spreading the love.

  • Create A Landing Page – In this case, you need to go the extra level in making sure that you craft a specific landing page, which acts as the first stop for all the people who want to interact with your website. This page is separate from the index page, the normal first page of your website.
On this page, you will drive your readers to take a specific action such as downloading a whitepaper or Ebook, signing up for a newsletter, redeeming a coupon and the likes. The idea is to immediately invite them to engage in a specific action that you want them to and which will have a positive impact in relation to your business, you use this page to drive conversions, without having to dramatically alter your website.
  • Sign Up For Analytics – Now that you have done all of the above, it becomes incumbent on you to sign up for a metric service and the good thing is that these services are free. By far the best service that you can sign up for is Google Analytics; you get to the website and follow the instructions and sign up your website, which in this case is known as a web property.
This tool will allow to get deep insight on the traffic sources of your website, the referral websites, the pages they like and by extension the type of content which appeals to them, where they come from, their demographics, the times when they interact with your content and a lot more. This will give you an in-depth understanding of your target market, which can only be a good thing for you in the long run as the more information you have about your audience, the better you can respond to their needs.

SEO Dynamic Industry

Considering that the whole field of Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is a constantly changing dynamic process, you must always strive to be at the cutting edge of it if you are to obtain maximum dividends. For instance, it has become apparent since 2015 that over 50% of internet search is conducted via mobile devices, which include smart phones and tablets.

To be more specific, this search is conducted using apps, so in the long run the whole idea should be to develop apps for your website that will take advantage of this new way in which most people are interacting with content. There are other forms too, which are becoming commonly used and they include voice search that is also growing by leaps and bounds as it is convenient for people who are on the go. So, dive in and get working on creating content right away.



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Tuesday, 23 July 2019
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