5 Excellent Tips to Make Your Next Presentation a Winner


There are people who make it seem like giving a presentation is the easiest thing in the world. If the process doesn’t come naturally to you, then it can seem like the worst nightmare to get up in front of the group. There are ways, however, that will help you become an excellent presenter and keep everyone engaged throughout the entire presentation.

1. Keep it Tightly Focused

We’ve all seen presentations where the speaker rambles on without providing anything tangible to grasp on to. The reason you might ramble is simply because you haven’t prepared enough to stay focused on the main point inside each section of your presentation.

Take the time to write out an outline so you know the precise points you must cover in order to educate your audience while keeping them fully engaged. If you research your audience, it will go a long way in making sure your content is relevant to their needs.

Keep your presentation tightly focused around the key points in your outline and aimlessly rambling will be eliminated as a possibility on the big day.

2. Make it Entertaining

No, you don’t need to be funny or overly outgoing. However, the worst thing you can do is to come across in a dull fashion while speaking in a boring, monotone voice.

One of the easiest and most productive ways to give an entertaining presentation is to plan properly and then practice a lot. Just like you enter your key performance indicators into your premier executive dashboard, enter the key points to your presentation into a Word document, for example, and print it out.

If you memorize your presentation and truly “own it”, it’s far easier to use the proper vocal dynamics that present power and energy. Printing out your key points helps you practice until you have it all inside you. You don’t have to memorize anything word-for-word, but you should know the material like the back of your hand.

When you know your material and feel confident, the performance rises and becomes a more entertaining process for the listener. One excellent tip is to record yourself on video and then ask yourself if you’re coming across as confident. Make the appropriate adjustments prior to giving the actual presentation.

3. Story Telling

The worst thing you can do is drone on about point after point without finding ways to relate your topic areas to stories. Stories help make the material come to life. Stories create an emotional attachment between your main content ideas and the imaginations of the people watching your presentation.

Even if your practice doesn’t turn you into the most entertaining presenter, creating an emotional connection between your audience and material will fix that issue. Once your audience feels a personal connection to your points of persuasion, the odds of them taking action go up exponentially.

4. Keep PowerPoint Items to a Minimum

Have you ever seen a presentation where the speaker basically reads the slides to you? If so, you understand all too well that they could have simply emailed you the slides and told you to read it on your own.

One part of keeping your presentation compelling and entertaining is to keep your slides simple and minimal. Don’t read the exact slides to your audience. Use the slides as supporting points to what you’re actually saying.

Using images that support your words is an effective way to avoid turning into speaker reading from a script. Keep all the focus on creating an emotional connection between you and your audience.

5. Give Them Something to Think About

Never end your presentation and allow people to leave without something in their hands. No matter how great your presentation was, people leave and get involved in their busy lives. When they do, they’ll easily forget your speech.

Give them a leave-behind that makes them remember you and the actions you recommended for them. This could be in the form of cheat sheet, a flyer or even a few chapters from your own book. Your job is to keep it relevant to your final steps so your audience can seamlessly take those actions later.

Yes, you can become a great presenter. Use the above tips, prepare and practice. Then, watch as your audience hangs on every word.


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David Allen on Thursday, 26 October 2017 12:58

The better you know the audience in the seats, the better your presentation will be. Excessively numerous speakers are egotistical. They plan a message that sounds great just to them.

The better you know the audience in the seats, the better your presentation will be. Excessively numerous speakers are egotistical. They plan a message that sounds great just to them.
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