5 Essential Things for Understanding Big Data

Small businesses need first-class data intelligence to help them make brilliant business judgments. All the brainpower needed is apparently the ability to have effective and efficient marketing strategies. However, the dynamic paradigm shift in this field requires any business owner to keep up in order to stay on top of things.

The new big thing in selling out your business is here with us. It remains a furtive to most of the owners. Before making use of any new phenomenon, you should first learn what it is before gathering knowledge of how to use it. Big data is that big thing. Today we will embark on getting to know what it is all about and understand it better so it may help you boost everything from salesforce productivity to your I.T. department. The following are, therefore, some basics you need to know.

What it is

It is the use of any data you have about your business; the intellect and capacity to use it. Any amount of statistics at hand is useful, but one can continuously collect more information. Your enterprise profits from it in terms of financial predictions and supplies logistics, just to mention but a few. The data primarily helps you get a general view of your customer base, and helps in restructuring your customer relation strategies.

What it is for

It is designed to collect as much information as possible, and how you can make it a cash cow for your enterprise. For example, you may be concerned in knowing the relationship between online and in-store purchases; whether your customers have time to open emails you send them. It is paramount to having a clue of what your clients are commenting on social media about their experience. The most effective way of making the data you collect useful is to have specific queries made out at a time, and to work out the solutions based on that.

The approach

For the data collected to be of help to the business owner, they must have an objective while formulating the questions. The strategies you go for gets a drive from the direction of the questions set. If you have the right questions trending, it helps you to alleviate mistakes that would haunt your franchise. Getting the right image from a good data collection and analysis helps you in identifying the section of your business that is profitable, and that which you need to get rid of or even maintain for PR reasons, just to mention.


Any size of a business can embrace this technology effectively. The amount of data you require depends on the size of your enterprise and so does the data sets. An advantage in the current corporate world is that there are freelancers in every other field. Whereas hiring a professional analyst would be rather expensive; running to some hundred dollars a month, getting a freelancer would be quite affordable to engage. Freelancers are known to work according to the agreed terms, meaning that your cost will depend on how well you engage one.

How it works

As it may sound, most people may think it is a technological jargon. Well, it is not. It only entails collecting and using data to create an understanding on your clientele and business environment. Some basic knowledge is required to do the analysis and as long as one knows the right style to tackle this. The secret to success is using some chronology in making all your decisions. What matters most in your business is just what to watch. Don’t try to copy the strategies from another business setup. Remember that you need to treat each enterprise, however similar it might seem to another, with ultimate anonymity. Always think about these few words that most entrepreneurs take as mere clichés; know your customers, and any answers will be available. Finally, there is a stack of money hidden behind this simple ideology, and guess what; you already have a secret recipe with you.



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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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