5 Essential Small Business Facebook Etiquette Tips

Entrepreneurs have heard it a thousand times. They need to use social media and use the Internet, as it is a very powerful resource that can draw thousands. They should particularly use Facebook, as it is one of the most popular outlets that people come to. Most people who use the internet are on Facebook. Almost every target audience for every industry can be found somewhere on Facebook. Entrepreneurs know that they need to use it. But when they do, there are several etiquette tips that they need to consider to boost their traffic and avoid common mistakes. 1 - Use Images

Most people do not have the attention span to read a big block of text that you put out there, no matter how compelling of a writer you are. People are much more likely to respond to memes. They are likely to respond to pictures that are well designed that communicate a certain message. Consider the company Recruit Military, who helps veterans during the difficult transition into civilian life. They help them to secure a job and their future (as there are far too many unemployed veterans). Recruit Military's use of clever images helped their rise to fame. After all, articles that have images get 94% more views than those without. 2 - Positive Branding

When people think about your company, they should not associate it with something negative that you have put out there. They should not think that you are on a smear campaign against competitors. They should think that you are a positive entity who is going to influx positive information onto their newsfeed. Companies such as Blue Coat Systems do that. They find the most joyful stories that they can and share them on their Facebook page. This establishes their brand.  3 - Call to Action

While you may outline a problem or a need that people have, it does not mean much without a call to action. They may agree with everything that you are saying about their need, but they do not see a resolution. They just see that you have pointed out a need. Companies such as Pool Supply World recognize the importance of a good call to action. At the bottom of their posts, they will encourage their audience to take the next step, make a purchase or visit their website. 4 - Spelling & Grammar

If this is something with which you struggle, run your posts through a spellcheck before publishing them. Perhaps you could even hire somebody to generate social media content for you so that you do not have to worry about it. When people come to your page, they should see professionalism. They should know that you have the competency and expertise to solve their problems and produce quality products and services. If your page is full of spelling errors and typos and grammatical errors, it will not give that impression.  5 - Respond to Questions

When people have a question about a product or service that you have offered, they should receive answers to those questions. The only thing that separates many people from making a purchase is one or two concerns. Perhaps they had a problem with a similar product and they want to know if your company will suffer the same detriment. 75% of marketers in the United States recognize how it important it is to directly answer the customer's concerns. This will establish your reputation, establish a relationship with these customers and ultimately will enhance your presence on Facebook. Facebook is a very powerful tool if it is used properly. Fortunately, there is a record of years of trial and error from which you can learn without enduring it yourself. Follow the examples of these great companies, gain insight from the experts and learn to get the most out of social media.




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Saturday, 20 July 2019
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