5 Conversion Funnel Hacks You Need To Know to Increase Your Conversions

The process of converting a visitor to customer is the biggest challenge for all marketers. The simple truth is that a person visiting your website is typically in need of something - they are considered your potential leads.

By creating the perfect user-centric experience, you can build the right elements needed to get your user interested in your product or service. The biggest challenge is to capture the user’s attention and making them spend time within the website. This is by no means an easy task. However, keeping visitors engaged on your lead gen site will raise the likelihood of moving them from one buying stage to the next.

You are not alone in the conversion struggle as the average conversion rate of a website is between 1-5%. It simply means, for every 1 to 5 customers to get onboard, you are losing out on the remaining 95 potential customers. That’s a lot of money you are leaving on the table.

If this simple math has been haunting you, then you should start analyzing your conversion funnel. The fact is, it’s impossible to achieve 100% conversion because 73% of potential leads are not in the sales-ready phase. Meaning, they are only shopping around for a potential future purchase. But still, there are plenty of marketers who have fantastic conversion rates ranging till 30+%. If you are wondering how the hell they do it: it’s through optimized conversion funnel.

For the ones wondering what the heck is a conversion funnel, it’s nothing but how you market your product to your potential leads to get them to convert into paying customers.

This simple image from Merkle shows us what a classic conversion funnel looks like this:

  • The awareness phase is when your visitors are getting acquainted with your business and what it has to offer.
  • Interest phase is when they start building their trust on you
  • Consideration phase is when they conclude that you can get the job done right
  • Conversion phase is when they are ready to do business with you with you

This funnel is a broad classification of conversion without any specific goal. But to improve your conversion rate you need to customize your own funnel.

Conversion Funnel Hack #1: Building Your Own Funnel With Measurable Goal

This funnel from Geekopedia is a great visual example that helps in planning your entire marketing strategy. It gives measurable values and the flow in which you potential leads will traverse.

The previous funnel was just a skeletal system, but when you break it down to smaller goals you can easily paint the bigger picture needed to improve your conversions easily.

Most websites have a similar lead generation plan, it shows that you do have some sort of a conversion funnel in place and only optimization is required to improve the conversion rate.

Conversion Funnel Hack #2: Finding Your Right Awareness Platform

The awareness phase is where you market yourself to a pool of audience who might be interested in your product or services. The biggest problem is that there are too many potential platforms and marketers feel a mass campaign is the best way to attract traffic.

But, no two customers are the same. The sooner you understand this, it’s better, as to where you should market your product/service and how to market them matters for improved conversions. A great deal of planning is involved it can be drastically simplified through customer segmentation.

Draw Out Your Customer Persona

Understand your service/product and how your customers perceive them. A great deal of information can be collected through customer feedback and Google analytics. If you have developed a great photo filter app, then you target audience has a wide range of audience. But you can start off with couple of personas like college goers and night party freaks.

Find Them

Analytics tools are a great place to find your audience as they have repository of data that caters to your products and existing clients. You readily get a list of target sources for your most loyal customers. That’s not all, you can also talk to your target audience to find out about the various social platforms they are most active on and which content platforms they prefer.

These are the best places to advertise to get noticed by audience who are most likely to use your product/service. By segmenting your audience, you divide and conquer your traffic easily. This mechanism has a foolproof way of improving your conversion rate as you are always running relevant ads to the right people. It’s all about understanding the need of the moment.

Conversion Funnel Hack #3: Optimized Landing Page

It’s a no brainer! Landing pages are key for your marketing success as it’s where your traffic lands and creates a first touch point. If your landing page is clear, informative and intuitive, you have got yourself a hot lead, else never expect to hear from the particular use again.

Let’s take an example of a good landing page that:

HBloom is a floral service that excels in custom flower arrangement and delivery. Their landing page truly has the perfect message paired with right image and CTA. A person landing on the page has a clear idea about what they do and the price they do it for. The landing page also boasts a complimentary design consultation that is a great lead magnet design to improve conversions.

Winning points: Clear information and a pleasing design paired with the right CTA without any need to scroll.

A winning landing page does not happen just like that, a fair amount of testing is necessary to land with the right text that CTA that’s tuned for conversion.

To optimize your landing page, run proper A/B testing on all the following elements:

  1. Page content and title
  2. CTA message
  3. CTA placements and color
  4. Use of images
  5. Page layout
Conversion Funnel Hack #4: A Proper Lead Nurturing Plan

Now that you have a potential lead who is in the hot zone, you are one step closer in getting them to convert.

Statistics state that companies that nurture their leads convert 50% more at 38% lesser cost. This shows that lead nurturing is an important stage in converting customers. The tried and testing lead nurturing strategy is:

1. Creating targeted content plan: Every lead is a potential customer until their leave the conversion funnel. Targeted content is the best way to keep customers interested across the sales funnel. Start building user-centric content that is of value for your leads.

2. Create various touch points: On an average, a particular lead has at least 10 different touch points before they are ready to convert. Target them through emails, social media marketing, retargeting and other platforms to reach out to them efficiently.

3. Efficient Follow Up Strategy: Your leads have a higher probability of converting if they are followed up instantly. Sadly, the average time for a company to follow up with the leads is 48 hours which might be too late. Even though you have set an automated email to be sent out to keep your lead interested, making the call within the first hour is sure to close the deal.

4. Lead Scoring: It’s the best way to evaluate the lead and find the right time to establish the first line of contact. 68% of marketers state lead scoring to be the top revenue contributor.

Conversion Funnel Hack #5: Building Customer Support And Loyalty

Some might wonder why this particular point comes under conversion hacks, the truth is it’s the most important element. Only when you provide immediate support would your lead be ready to convert and similarly building a loyal customer base is the best way to get referral customers. How much ever you spend on your inbound and outbound marketing, referral is one of the best lead generation and conversion technique that gives a long term result.

These conversion hacks are designed to overcome any bottlenecks your conversion funnel might have. Right from acquiring a lead and up until conversion, it's best to nurture and monitor your leads for better conversions.




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Tuesday, 23 July 2019
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