5 Benefits of VoIP Implementation for Small Businesses

Simply put, VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol comprises several next generation hardware and software to enable the use of internet for voice calls. It enables the internet users to make voice calls directly via the IP, instead of the regular phone lines. There is no extra cost for making a voice call via the internet and it is included in the regular plan by the internet service provider. As we have moved to a digital age, several businesses both big and small are quickly adopting the use of VoIP due to the sheer number of benefits it offers. According to the recent reports, there are more than 30 million users of the VoIP platform in the US, proving that it is indeed the next big trend in communications. If you own a small business or startup, here are some of the benefits of VoIP implementation.

1. Huge Multi-Tasking Possibilities

By making your voice calls over the internet, you can install a huge number of additional software and programs to allow email, fax and video chat in the same system. This not only increases the multitasking probabilities but will also help you in working even while you travel. Syncing your devices also becomes much easier with the use of VoIP allowing your employees to always stay connected and updated with their tasks. It can also be integrated with additional services such as call recording, voice emails and video conferencing for a smoother workplace communication.

2. Cost-Effective Solution for Communication

According to a study, more than 70% of small businesses across the globe use cellphones as their primary mode of communication. As you are not charged any extra fees for each call you make, VoIP integration can save you a lot of money on phone bills. Budgets are often a constraint for startup enterprises and small business and telephone bills make up for a huge portion of a company’s expenses. As the internet is used all across the globe, making a call through the internet protocol is certainly cheaper than making a long distance call. A setup fees for VoIP protocol is required to be paid initially, but would allow you to make voice calls using the internet. It saves you tons of money in the longer run, making a great choice for startups who want to keep their budgets in check.

3. Allows You to Build a Virtual Workplace

After implementing VoIP, communication and collaboration between the boss and the worker becomes extremely smooth. All one needs is a steady internet connection and a computer or a Smartphone device to get all the updates related to a particular task. This helps you in creating a virtual office, where all the employees work from different locations. This saves a lot on the transport costs and time, allowing you to operate from a much smaller location. All you need is an internet connection to get in touch with your workers.

4. Eliminates Problems with Conferencing and Call Drops

The main problem with the regular phone calls and mobile phone networks is their connectivity. Internet on the other hand is much more reliable than the cellphone networks and there are hardly any problems such as call drops and bad voice quality. Holding virtual meetings over conferencing becomes much easier without experiencing any snags in the networks.

5. Easy Implementation

One of the best benefits of VoIP integration is the ease with which it can be integrated in your business. You certainly do not have to be a rocket scientist or an IT expert to install VoIP. It is as simple as installing a software on your computer and can be done by anyone with a little knowledge about computers.

Voice over internet protocol not only improves the communication among employees and clients but also improves their collaboration. The above points are just a handful of the several benefits that VoIP implementation can offer to small businesses and startups and help you build your company into a well-oiled machine.



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Tuesday, 23 July 2019
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