4 Ways to Create a Reputable Image for a Startup

Reputation and image are both integral parts of branding. But when your new business is going against perennial favorites with and established customer base, establishing that brand is a difficult process that requires significant marketing and brand building tactics. When you want to increase the image of your own startup regardless of the industry you representing, it's possible to do so by understanding your consumers and ensuring their experience is as seamless and enjoyable as possible throughout the entire process, from arriving on your page through checkout. Here are four ways to create a reputable image for a new startup.

Create a Reputable Image Online

Any time you want to improve the overall image of a startup company, begin by creating a professional online presence. Register an official domain for your startup brand or company along with other social media pages to help with branding your business. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn are all networks that are worth getting involved with when you are creating brand pages for your startup. Make sure your website and social accounts aren’t just shells. Fully optimize these pages with relevant content to inform and connect with the searchers and social media followers.

Secure Your Site

Ensuring your website is secure for all browsers and customers at all times is possible by purchasing and installing a SSL certificate. A SSL certificate is a secure sockets layer certificate that helps to encrypt user information and entered data that is sensitive, including names, addresses, phone numbers and even credit card information. When you have an updated SSL certificate installed on your eCommerce startup site or online store, it is much easier to gain the trust of your users online and those who are interested in making a purchase form your company themselves. Securing your site regularly any time you are selling anything from virtual goods and services to physical products is a way to build customer loyalty online.

Online Transaction Options

Providing your online users with the option to checkout using their credit card or other choice of payment is a way to increase sales while also improving the credibility of your company in its industry. Providing virtual terminals for your online customers allows you to take orders from any computer or mobile device that has Internet access.

When you offer online transaction options, you also have the ability to provide users with the option of recurring billing, allowing you to process payments automatically on a time schedule. Recurring payment options are ideal if you are providing a monthly, semi-annual or even annual service that users may want to continue to purchase after their time is up. It's also possible to use retail swipe integration with your eCommerce store, giving you the ability to "swipe" transactions directly into a virtual terminal themselves before processing them individually. When you offer online transaction options, it's possible to integrate them with an easy-to-use API system.

Implement Mobile Card Readers

Whether your startup is a brick and mortar location or mobile, implementing a mobile card reader application is another method of having the ability to accept and process credit card transactions without additional services or outsourcing programs and software. Mobile card readers give you the ability to process transactions from credit cards right from your own mobile phone, allowing you to skip searching for credit card processing companies that help with transactions online.

Having a mobile card reader allows you to accept sales and transactions just about anywhere, even when you are on-the-go. With a mobile card reader, you ensure all transactions are safe and secure with a built-in SSL certificate. Additionally, it's also possible to quickly access your sales history and logs with the use of your mobile app itself, giving you the ability to check sales and income at all times.

Knowing how to increase and improve the overall image of your startup company not only helps to make your business appear more professional, but it also helps to boost credibility in your current industry and line of work.



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Saturday, 20 July 2019
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