4 Ways Technology Increases Work Productivity

Technology has undeniably made our modern lives better, but it sometimes gets a bad rap. It's true that technology often be distracting and can limit our productivity at work. A 2012 salary.com survey found that 64% of employees visited websites completely unrelated to their work every single day. But just because technology can have a negative impact on work productivity doesn't mean it has to. In fact, technology can actually be harnessed to significantly improve work productivity. Here are four ways technology can boost our success and output.

Streamline and Boost Communication and Collaboration

An online framework and streamlined communication tools can ensure that communication among team members doesn't waste time and actually leads to results. Successful collaboration can have a major impact on productivity and success, but it can often get bogged down with endless meetings and talking. With digital communication tools, there is less talking and more working. When information is shared instantly with those who need it, progress is made much faster. Use of an internal social network creates new connections, boosts employee recognition and engagement, and ultimately drives a significant amount of value and productivity to the organization. Author Jacob Morgan goes so far as to say, "Using these technologies is probably the single most beneficial and valuable thing one can do for their career within their organization."

Gamification Helps Motivate and Makes Work Fun

In the non-work world, sports and video games are incredibly popular, largely because they are fun. Taking the concept of gaming and adding it to the work environment with employee gamification creates a highly motivating, engaging, and fun way for employees to accomplish goals. Gamification is a great way to help individual employees accomplish their goals, but it's also a fantastic way to achieve quality team building. The camaraderie on the field as players work together towards victory can be translated to the workplace using technology, and that will boost the overall productivity of the workplace.

Organization Tools That Work

Not that long ago, workplace organization meant physical documents filed away in big cabinets and Filofaxes full of phone numbers on desks. No matter how organized those files were, it was hardly a simple and quick system. Today, technology allows employees to file and organize relevant information almost instantly and create a robust system to find that information later when it's needed. Better yet, it's easy for that information to be easily found and accessed by any employee who needs it at any time. Another organization tool that can boost productivity is the use of reminder tools that automatically remind employees of important goals or tasks that need to be followed up on. Technology that creates painless, flexible methods of organizing information and goals frees up a lot of time and mental space to actually get work done.

Making Workers Healthier

You might not think that the physical and mental health of employees makes much of a difference to workplace productivity, but it absolutely does. Organizations that care about and promote employee wellness see significant improvements in employee performance. Technology - everything from digital assessment tools to fitness tracking devices like Fitbit to gamified workplace efforts to promote fitness and a healthy diet - is the easiest way to improve worker health. Healthier workers are happier and more productive.

Even though technology can sometimes have drawbacks, there is no question that it can be harnessed to create huge productivity boosts in the workplace. Communication tools, gamification tools, organization tools, and health tools are four of the best ways to use technology to transform your organization and be incredibly productive.

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Wednesday, 24 July 2019
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