4 Ways for Small Businesses to Save Money on Delivery Charges

A businessman who is not having a huge capital to spend on his business has to be very cautious when it comes to the financial budget. It’s because unlike the big entrepreneurs, he doesn’t have millions of dollars in his bank account! And if you’re one among such small businessmen then I am sure that you are familiar enough with the fact.

Well, in such a scenario, if you’re leading a small online business, then don’t you think that deciding a postage charge for a particular product usually becomes a crucial factor for you? It’s because if you charge the customers huge dollars for getting their orders delivered then they will not like the fact at all and thus it will be an obstacle in your promotions, something that you actually need to skyrocket your business from a small one!! And at the same time if you simply reduce the delivery charge without a smart strategy then it will be a total loss for you.

So, you should opt for certain astounding master plans which can allow you to offer a cheap or free delivery to the customers and let you not go through any kind of tremendous loss in your business as well. And today here I am with such four thrilling tricks that will allow you to enjoy such perks.

Have a look!

1. Don't forget to negotiate

Well, the ultimate mantra of saving your pocket when it comes to availing any product or service is nothing but negotiation! And this fact holds true in such a scenario even. You need to talk to various postal carriers to bring down the price that they are going to charge before you decide one.

It’s because obviously they, will not like to lose a regular customer just for few dollars and thus might end up offering you the delivery option as per your desired price. Also, you can go for a bulk delivery as many of the postal carriers charge less for huge packages.

2. Go for thermal label printers

Most of the small businesses have a belief that if they fill out the labels manually and do the packaging through the same mode, then the whole process will be cheaper for you. But, basically this is not the scenario! It will let you hire a huge number of workers for the same, and thus you need to pay them on a monthly.

Rather, if you opt for a thermal label printer, then the whole work becomes automatic, more professional and perfect. The cost of such a printer will be far less than paying a group of 50-100 people a standard monthly salary for year after year.

3. Register yourself to UPS CONNECT

If you own a small business then signing up for UPS CONNECT is something very smart and frugal that you can do. On doing so, you will be eligible for a flat 10% discount on ground shipping and a 20% discount on airfares for international shipping. Also, this is not the end!

You will automatically get a one year trial for UPS smart pickup absolutely at free of cost. This pick up policy will let your driver get an automatic alert to swing by as soon as you print a label.

4. Smartly use flat rate shipping

The delivery providers like a post office, FedEx or UPS, flat rate shipping is something that is offered by one and all. Also, the flat rate boxes offered by such companies are available totally at free of cost.

So, you can order some boxes of each size from these companies and make a proper judgment that which one will be perfect for you in terms of box size, cost, shipping time, etc. It has been estimated that this can lead you to save up to 15% of the total money that you will spend for shipping.

So, after you have got the orders from your customers then make sure that you are having a proper money-saving strategy on how to dispatch the packages now. And in that context, if you follow the effective tips that are mentioned above then I am sure that you will save a lot while delivering the orders to different parts of the world. And thus you can use the saved dollars for upgrading your business in other exciting ways.



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Tuesday, 23 July 2019
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