4 Tips to Stay Healthy and Creative in the Office

Every business owner and office manager wants to increase or maintain productivity. There are a number of ways to accomplish this, from offering employees incentives to purchasing faster computers, but there are two factors that always contribute to employee production: health and creativity. In this post we look at 4 Tips to Stay Healthy and Creative in the Office.

This doesn’t mean that employers should only hire workers with creative hobbies and incredible physique, but it does mean that creativity and health should be encouraged in the workplace. This article will introduce you to a few ways to inspire employees to think outside of the box, along with a few tips to encourage them to stay fit without much adjustment to their daily routines.

Any employer can write a set of occupational procedures, but few know how to motivate workers to find creative ways to improve upon those processes. Here are some strategies to inspire your workforce:

1. Make the Workplace Fun and Unique

Some companies are raising the bar when it comes to making the workplace entertaining. In break rooms, ping-pong tables, flat-screen T.V.’s and smoothie machines are becoming common sites.

The more employees enjoy their job, so the theory goes, the more creative they will be. Creativity, after all, can’t exist without inspiration, and if workers are too reluctant to be at the office, don’t expect any new ideas.

Some workplaces are adding a natural touch to the office scenery with plants. Although this isn’t a new idea, it’s still effective. Many offices combine garden-style areas with skylights or open-roofed, break areas to make that short time away from the desk a bit more refreshing.

2. Shared Desks

When it comes to developing any creative idea, two heads are better than one. By designing your office so two or more employees share the same workspace, you encourage the exchange of thoughts. Although some employers believe that too much socializing hurts productivity, motivating employees to share ideas can lead to improved business processes and can emphasize the importance that the company invests in employee creativity.

Also, thanks to innovative desk designs and new technology, the “one person, one desk” principle might go the way of the telegraph.

No employer would refute that creativity and individual effort can inspire an entire workforce, and if employees are healthier and more energized, they are more motivated to share new ideas. Also, they are less likely to get sick or to become injured, which could benefit a corporate healthcare plan.

Although it can be difficult to influence another person’s diet and exercise habits, the office setting is the perfect place to start. These habits cause the body to release endorphins, chemicals that are associated with feeling pleasant. This could make workers more prone to feel satisfied with their jobs.

Here are a few tips to encourage workers to develop a healthier lifestyle:

3. Organize Happy-Hour Exercise Groups

When many workers clock out, they head straight to the bar for their favorite beverage or to a restaurant for a tasty meal. Unfortunately, these after-work rewards tend to be high in calories.

Going to the gym instead of a restaurant provides a number of benefits:

  • Fewer calories consumed
  • More calories burned through exercise
  • Strength and other benefits from the workout
  • Improved bonding among workers 

4. Provide Healthy Snacks in the Break Room

If your office provides free snacks to employees, request that fruits and vegetables become options. Healthy foods can produce more energy and require less energy to digest, which can prevent workers from becoming burnt-out by the end of the day.

If your office sells snacks in a vending machine, request that healthier options become available.

With more corporations like Google making headlines for providing unorthodox perks for workers, it’s clear that businesses are learning that a satisfied employee is a more productive one. But you don’t need to be a billion-dollar search engine to motivate workers. By encouraging creativity and healthier lifestyles, your small office can see a big increase in productivity.


Duffy Elleby is the owner of Ergosource, a Minneapolis based designer and manufacturer of ergonomic equipment and furniture.  For over 20 years Ergosource has provided the world with the best in ergonomic office furniture. Connect with Ergosource online on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.



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Saturday, 20 July 2019
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