4 Tips To Running a Better Business

Imagine looking back on your life and being able to say “I gave it my all. I used all the talents I was given.”

Those who use their talents and push the boundaries of their potential live the most fulfilled lives. Why? Because there’s no “what if” in their minds at the end of the day, they did it all, and have a bank of incredible memories and experiences that makes them who they are today.

Running a business and running your life take on the same fundamentals, let one slip and the other suffers.

The principles are based on success, fulfilment and happiness. Achieve your potential in life by applying the following 4 tips to running a better business.

CREATE ORDER – Planning and organising are skills that many lack, such is the avalanche of information coming at us from so many directions. If your life is disorganised, then your business doesn’t stand a chance! You cannot be all things to all people so learn to prioritise on a daily basis. Budgeting time to get adequate sleep, exercise and nutrition are fundamentals that can be discarded when work gets super busy. Occasionally this can’t be helped, but a regular occurrence of “less than enough” will have a domino effect on everything else, such is the importance of the basics.

Your body needs fuel, movement and recovery for optimum performance. You cannot accomplish anything with a chaotic mind or a chaotic environment. Clarity comes by writing things down, compartmentalising each area of life in a different segment of your written agenda. At least then if something unexpected demands your attention, you can come back to order and start again where you left off.

This list goes hand in hand with simplicity and decluttering at home and in your workplace. Less is more so clear out often and enjoy freeing space, this is proven to help live a more meaningful, mindful life and avoid feeling overwhelmed and out of control.

AVOID COMPLACENCY – Remember the tortoise and the hare, well so it is in life and work. Rest on your laurels and quick as a flash you’ll be passed out by a conscientious, diligent plodder who recognises the need for hard graft. Good times are to be celebrated but recognised as passing in a rapidly changing world.

Keep learning, listening, finding out. Never let go of a beginner’s mind, open to courses and new ideas. That way you will continue to grow, both personally and professionally. Whether it’s your spouse, kids, hobby or business, being inquisitive keeps you abreast on what’s happening and where you need to put in more effort.

We’re not entitled to success, we have to earn it and keep striving to be even better.

KNOW YOUR AGENDA – Turning vision into reality comes from setting well thought out goals and sticking with them. Success in life and business requires the ability to separate the important things from the small, irrelevant things and stay focused on the bigger picture.

Getting your priorities right and making wise decisions is as important in every aspect of life. Not getting sucked into temptation that takes you off course and practicing persistence to overcome challenges and difficult days are crucial if you want to progress. Discipline is required to say no to time wasting frivolity, so as to accomplish rather than merely react. There are two types of tasks, the meaningful and the meaningless, sieve out the latter and goals will be achieved alongside the contentment of using your potential, not wasting it.

PRACTICE INTEGRITY – In everything, integrity is key. Being honest and consistently ethical is what stands by you in life and business. The minute you get weak minded, whether through challenging times or when things are good and you feel invincible is the start of a slippery slope into a place of no peace. Refusing to bend on what you know to be right and true always pays dividends in the long run.

Admit mistakes, take responsibility and aim to govern your life in line with your convictions. When people know you as a person of integrity without compromise they will view you with respect that will result in loyalty through life.

In the short run, there may be backlash from some because your attitude doesn’t suit their current demands but these are the trials that require your mental toughness to stay true. Fast forward and you realise that integrity breeds success, happiness and growth in every area of your personal and work life.

This isn’t a million miles from the approach we use at Motivation. Motivation is not a diet, it’s a complete change of lifestyle that helps our clients to identify and address the habits, emotions and behaviours at the root cause of their weight problem. It transforms both their personal lives and in turn has a marked impact on their business lives too.




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Wednesday, 24 July 2019
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