4 Tips For Improving Efficiency Within Your Business

One of today's big buzzwords in business circles is "efficiency." With so much to do and not enough time to do it in, efficiency is a must to survive and thrive in today's ultra-competitive marketplace. For this reason, businesses are not only struggling to improve internal efficiency, but also to connect and work with efficiency-based partners as well as drop-ship partners. With these 4 efficiency-boosting tips you can make a measurable difference in your company's ability to improve efficiency in all departments.

Embrace Automated Workforce Management Software

With a workforce that is more mobile and virtual than ever before, companies that have not yet moved to a mobile-based workforce management platform are overdue for a change. The new workforce software tools streamline monotonous, repetitive administrative tasks such as submitting timesheets, requesting time off, tracking project hours, syncing with payroll software and other efficiency-draining requirements. Moving to an automated system permits employees working remotely to maximize their time in the field while their managers are doing the same in their office.

Improve Workspace Ergonomics To Reduce Absenteeism

Depression and pain are the two reigning reasons why absenteeism rates are increasing in companies today. Making improvements to workspace ergonomics can reduce chronic hand, neck and back pain, which can help with easing depressive conditions as well (chronic pain is one major cause of depression).

Absenteeism is a major drain on efficiency due to the added strain absent employees place on their co-workers, managers and company deadlines. By improving the workspace experience, adding ergonomic tools to lessen pain and encouraging employees to learn more about wellness and self-care, absenteeism rates typically begin to drop.

Move To A Drop-Shipping Based Inventory Management System

Efficiency and drop shipment-based inventory management systems go hand in hand. With drop shipping, the company no longer shoulders the onerous burden of maintaining and managing inventory and all the issues that often come along with that. Drop shipping outsources inventory management to a third-party supplier that becomes responsible for fulfilling and shipping customer orders. The key to making this switch is to find a drop shipping partner that is as efficiency-minded as your own company.

With drop shipping, it becomes possible not only to increase internal efficiency but to improve customer satisfaction as well. With faster fulfillment and ship times, an increased selection of products to choose from and a dedicated customer service team to handle customer requests and issues, there is nowhere to go but up in terms of efficiency scores. However, in order to see your efficiency rates go up, you want to make sure that you find a quality drop-shipping company with good review, such as those at Doba Reviews. By doing your research and looking into reviews you are sure to be able to find the best drop-shipping company for your business.

Improve Workplace Communication

Today's employees are becoming more open about what works and what doesn't in the workplace. Micromanagement, difficult co-workers, fears about losing a job, lack of timely and productive feedback can all steadily demotivate any company's staff, taking efficiency down right along with it. What needs to change before efficiency will improve is two-way communication. Employees that feel heard, valued, supported to put forth new ideas, given the needed structure for working out differences and grievances, are rewarded for good performance and recognized for their efforts will produce more work more efficiently.

If your company is working hard to improve efficiency across departments, these four tips can take your efforts to the next level and pave the way for more refined adjustments and tweaks in each department. With an overall company-wide focus on efficiency, an internal employee recognition system in place to reward efficiency improvements and regular workforce updates on overall efficiency scores, your company can position itself for a competitive advantage in the near and distant future.



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Saturday, 20 July 2019
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