4 Tips for a Greener and More Sustainable Business


If you think that money is the only thing that’s green in the world of finance, you should think again. Green finance is primarily about providing support to local or community-level projects, specifically with a focus on eco-friendly and sustainable agriculture. Green finance is also focused on funding projects that enhance local eco systems, funding artist endeavors as well as providing educational opportunities to members of the community. In contrast to other companies in the finance sector, green finance is focused on social profit rather than monetary profit. While monetary finance remains a big motivation, the primary goal of green finance is to provide support to local projects that add value to the community and the ecosystem at large. So, oftentimes, when conventional financiers refrain from investing in local, community based projects, green finance lenders come in to fill this gap thus helping to make projects that would otherwise be deemed impossible, possible.

Construction Materials

You may not view construction as a sustainable activity, however, there are companies that are involved in the supply of recycled materials that can be used in construction projects such as infrastructure repair. Axion, for instance, offers a wide range of eco-friendly materials with the aim of changing how American companies view infrastructure building and repair. The company’s railroad pilings and ties are manufactured from recycled plastic from industrial and consumer applications, rather than non-sustainable materials like concrete and steel. Axion is currently in partnership with major companies such as Long Island Rail Road to improve infrastructure sustainably and safely all over the U.S.

Green Energy

Choosing to create your own energy in a green manner like this, or deciding to use a green energy supplier will help cut down the amount of carbon you are using and in turn lessen the damage you are causing via your carbon footprint. Greener energy companies are doing all they can to advertise their services, including adding themselves to comparison sites or even putting commercials on YouTube to grab your attention. So make the switch and lower your business carbon emissions. 

Sustainable Events

Whether small or big, events and meeting can produce a large amount of waste and consume large amounts of water and energy. Green event planners can use their green event planning skills and expertise to locate eco-friendly accommodations, materials, venues and other consideration to help mitigate the negative effects events and meetings have on the ecosystem. By considering the environmental footprint when planning meetings and events, sustainable event management can do a lot to make our planet a better place. The United Nations Environmental Program’s Sustainable Event Guide, making sustainable consideration when planning events and meetings also offers monetary benefits and also creates a positive image for the host and even planners while inspiring others to follow suit by going green.

Bike Repair

Riding a bike, instead of driving, when traveling for short distances can be both good for your health and the environment. Bicycles, like other machines used for transport, break down and need servicing and repair every now and then. You may be the person in your local area who is entrusted with the work of repairing bicycles. If you are lucky enough to have a dedicated space to do your repair work, a great idea would be to buy old bicycles, repair them and later sell them off for a profit.

Green Waste

A majority of homeowners have waste bins for standard recyclables like plastic, glass and paper. However, a mistake done by many homeowners is to fail to properly recycle batteries and electronics which are considered very toxic to the eco-system. E-waste also needs to be recycled. E-waste in form of broken cell phones, defunct laptops, old TV’s and many more need to be collected and taken to an e-waste recycling facility.

Trash compacting is an innovative business that has been assisting to remove waste from the waste management sector. In the United States, garbage trucks consume approximately 1 billion gallons or 3.7 billion liters of fuel every year. Many businesses are looking to change this by using solar powered trash compactors that reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Trash compactors also reduce mitigate litter overflow which is a big problem in the waste management industry.

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Ron Immink on Tuesday, 14 November 2017 09:31

There is an event on the 20th, you might find interesting https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/sustainable-nation-celebrations-ron-immink/

There is an event on the 20th, you might find interesting https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/sustainable-nation-celebrations-ron-immink/
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