4 Simple Tips To Cut Office Costs For Your Business


Businesses often spend a significant amount of their operating costs on office supplies, paper, utilities, printing etc to create an amiable working environment. By cutting these costs, you can help your business save money without sacrificing employee comfort. All you need to do is make some small changes to scale back on your daily office expenses. Here are 4 simple tips to cut office costs for your business:

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1. Saving on printer ink

If you print a lot of pages, you are probably using a lot of money on printer ink. There are several things you can do to save on printer ink thus saving money while printing.

Be sure to use print preview option and subsequently print only those pages you need. Many printing software allows you to view the job and pick which pages you want to print. This way you can save using extra ink and paper.

Print in black and white whenever you can. Printing color graphics & pictures requires a lot of ink, so endeavour to print these pages in black and white. As a result, your color ink cartridges will have a longer life.

Be sure to use an ink refill kit. If you carefully follow the instructions and work in an environment that allows you to make a small mess, you can save huge sums of money refilling your own cartridges.

Make sure that you acquire discount ink cartridge replacements since these are a bit cheaper compared to new ink cartridges.

Routine maintenance and servicing of your office printers is also essential to maintain them in optimum condition and ensure that no ink is wasted. In case your office printer is nearing the end of its life cycle, consider upgrading to a multi function printer that would enable you scan or email directly from the printer without need to print the document.

Be sure to change font. Microsoft often defaults to Arial font but you can change this to thinner font such as Century Gothic. Albeit this seeming as a minor saving, it can add up over time in case you have high print volumes and use lots of ink.

Finally, consider what you can stop printing altogether to save paper and ink.

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2. Office supplies

Be sure to order office supplies in bulk. Many office supplies outlets will offer you a volume or quantity discount when you order larger amounts of goods. Purchase all of the office supplies you need at the start of the year to last between 6-12 months at a time.

Do an audit of what you have already in stock and what's used most, then shop around to see where you can get the best deals on your office supplies.

You can also opt to shop for some of your office supplies online other than through your normal office supply store. For instance, you may be able to find shipping containers (envelopes & boxes) at a deeper discount online (including shipping) as compared to some office-supply stores.

3. Saving on Paper

Implement strict policies to save on paper, a key office supply cost. You can do this by switching to email where possible. 

Look at all your current printing requirements and see what can be switched to soft copy instead of print. 

Keep your paper in a secure room and put a sole employee in charge of its inventory and use. This way, you can cut on unnecessary and frivolous paper use. 

Bulk buy your paper supplies to avail of discounts. 

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4. Power Down

You can save on your electricity bill by ensuring all pieces of electronic equipment are powered down.

You can ask your employees to turn off their computers when they’re done for the day and have office manager turn off any equipment, copiers, and even coffee pots. This has the potential to lower your energy bill to 1/3 each year.

Furthermore, be sure to seal air leaks around windows and doors to increase office heating and cooling efficiency.

Following these simple tips will help you trim down your office costs substantially. You will be surprised by just how much money you will be able to save annually when it's all added up.

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