4 Reasons Why Your Marketing Department Needs a Data Scientist


Innovative technologies today are transforming marketing into a new phase and era. If you are not about to hire a data scientist in your marketing department today, your company might just get left behind.

Back in the old times, when a junior marketer had a problem or a question, he would turn to the most senior member of the marketing team. This senior team member seemed to always have the right answer. Their answers were based on their experiences and the knowledge that they had accumulated over years. This data also came from various different clients, campaigns, and strategies.

Today, with the advent of technology and digital marketing media, this scenario has changed quite a bit. It is no longer assured that the person who has the most experience or the most knowledge also knows the best. Today, as queer as it sounds, but data content is the king.

Before beginning, let us answer the question: what exactly do data scientists do? In general, data scientists are responsible for data exploration, making predictions and finding structure. Measuring, optimization, experimentation, segmentation, modeling and storytelling are the typical tasks of a data scientist. Data exploration, data experimentation and machine learning are the three basic domains within which a data scientist works.

Now that we know the duties of a data scientist, let us look at some other reasons for why your marketing department needs a data scientist to focus on this area.

1  Data is necessary for making Decisions and Spotting New Trends

The innovative technology and changing trends now require data-driven decisions to be made on the part of the companies. If your company is not doing it, chances are that you are going to be at a loss. Customer data can help in outlining customer behavior and whether changes are required to the current approach. Without a data scientist, who basically takes care of this data, chances are that the key patterns and trends will be overlooked.

In the absence of a data scientist, a lot of important information will not only be missed but a company might end up gathering data which is completely useless. It will become fairly difficult to filter the relevant stuff. A data scientist can make all of this a piece of cake by simply looking back at the data, creating pivot tables and going over it again to spot important trends.

  1. Show Investors the Importance of Numbers

It is important for businesses to keep showing growth and traction if they want to keep raising money from their investors. Investors do not want to invest in a lost cause. Since investors aren’t statistical experts, they don’t get complicated numbers. Data scientists can back up simple numbers with real facts and data which can impress the investors quite a bit.

  1. Data says more than a customer can

It is really the data and the numbers in them that can tell whether or not the consumer is liking a particular product. By tracking the numbers, a company can have real interaction with their customers. A company can easily find out why have their customers stopped using a specific product and what part of the product they like or dislike the most.

Problems can be spotted without anyone telling the company what they really are. This can be conveniently achieved by a data scientist who is data-driven and can easily calculate the response of the consumers. He is basically the savior of the company.

  1. Data Scientists are the Secret Weapon – Literally

Data scientists are simply the magicians and the secret weapons on a marketing team. If you are spending on a data scientist to be on your team, you are employing your marketing budget efficiently and wisely.

The world data is extremely complex – loaded with visualizations and analysis, data collection and what not. On top of this, the enormous amounts of information gathered across different platforms poses as another problem. Data scientists on the team are able to serve the clients in a better way.

Another reason why the presence of a data scientist is pertinent is the increasing number of data platforms. This has made data more of a challenge for companies and not a creative one if a data scientist is not hired at the right time.


Working with data scientists is beneficial, yet it can be tricky.  A good marketing data scientist comprises of skills such as industrial knowledge, curiosity and dedication.

In order for a data scientist to keep evolving according to changing trends of the market, a company must provide them with avenues for learning on the job and exploration of speculative ideas which tap into their curious world. Data scientists cannot simply be dragged and dropped into a problem. An open and collaborative relationship must be built with these scientists to make it work.

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Tuesday, 16 July 2019
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