4 Interesting Ways That Businesses Can Use Augmented Reality


Technology has revolutionized the way companies conduct business. Entrepreneurs, it’s a good time to keep your pulse on emerging trends to avoid disappointing customers and falling behind competitors. Augmented reality is the hottest thing right now. Here are 4 interesting ways that businesses can use augmented reality:

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Remember the release of Pokemon Go in 2015? That one game changed everything.

The game allowed users to explore their environments and catch Pokemon as if they were real-life Pokemon trainers. It absolutely ignited businesses and consumer use across the globe. As a result, brands have started adding AR to their arsenal. And this is not just because it's the latest fad; it’s the future.

You may not have realised it but AR is already in our day to day lives. For example if you have seen those overlaid lines on the field while watching a sports game on television, AR technology is responsible for this, advertising and other graphic displays.

With the release of iOS 11 featuring ARKit, Augmented Reality has succeeded in getting close to a common smartphone user. And with ARCore from Google, Augmented Reality became available for Android users as well.

From dating services to sports apps, marketing services, ecommerce, AR is proving itself as an effective tool for every industry.

What is Augmented Reality?

In simple words, AR takes reality and adds a new digital layer to it. It successfully blurs the thin line between the real and digital world offering people the possibility to translate dreams into realistic use cases.

For those who like to get a bit technical, here are some AR approaches being used:

SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) - mainly used to render virtual images over real-world objects.

Recognition Based - using a camera to identify visual markers or objects, such as a QR/2D code or natural feature tracking (NFT) markers. 

Location Based: As the name itself implies, Location Based relies on GPS, a digital compass, velocity meter, or accelerometer to provide data regarding the location and visualizations are activated on the basis of such inputs.

And how can my business use AR in practical ways?

1. Breaking down complex concepts

Products don’t sell themselves; you have to reach out in the market. Marketing your business, brand, and products through the medium of video is certainly nothing new. But with AR technology, people can understand your brand, product or service in a different way. You can offer a more engaging version of the classic explainer video where it allows you to “show” it to people in a setting that’s familiar to them. 

2. Conduct training sessions

With AR, you can stimulate real-world scenarios in the field of training and education. Unlike its sister technology (VR) that relies on the use of a headset, AR requires no additional technology other than a smartphone.

3. Experiential events

This is where brands or businesses create experiences for customers and prospects with AR. For example, you could really make your stand or stall at an industry event exciting by using AR to amplify your messages. 

4. Enhancing In-Store experiences

Physical stores can use AR technology to enhance the in-store experience with additional content. This also helps provide a more personalized experience without hiring extra staff. For example - creating treasure hunts as part of seasonal promotions.

As people get more used to AR and such technologies, it will become easier for your business to try it out with customers and prospects in innovative ways. Augmented Reality is here to stay, so start looking at how you can adopt it and shift the focus of your valuable consumers to your brand or product or service.

Over to you now. Have you used Augmented Reality for your business? Tell us about it in the comments below.  

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Thursday, 21 November 2019
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