4 Creative Ways to use Existing Content and Expand your Blog Readership


Bloggers across the globe face the same challenges and one of those challenges is consistently churning out unique content that will stimulate your visitors. Often you might write a post that has all the ingredients to be awarded a Pulitzer Prize, but trying to match or surpass that effort can become an insurmountable task. Spending long hours brainstorming, researching and writing new posts can take its toll on you, but what is more frustrating is not realizing any return for the time you invest in producing your blog’s content.

I have followed a few strategies that have helped me reap the full benefit from the quality content that I produce, and they are:

Recycling or Rewriting your Posts for use on Other Platforms

There are times when you know that you have written a great article, and after publishing the article on your blog there is a stream of positive comments that flow. In a case like this you are doing the world a disfavor by limiting the number of people who read the article. To increase exposure you should rewrite the article and post it on other blogs as a guest blogger or you could submit the article to directories. In this way you will diversify the streams of traffic to your blog and you will also add value to the platforms that you choose to submit the rewritten article. However, each article that you submit should be unique to ensure the article does not find its way into Google’s supplemental index. Virtuoso Legal Copyright Lawyers, an intellectual property law firm, comes creatively with their blog post curation.

Using your Blog Posts as a Newsletter

Are you having trouble finding ideas for your next Newsletter? What about using the wide array of articles that have already been published on your blog? If you are afraid that your newsletter subscribers have already read all the posts on your blog, I can assure you that many of them have not read articles that you posted a couple months ago, and this approach will serve as reinforcement to those who have read the article in the past. Tee Pinch, an eCommerce clothing website, doesn't have blog section but they effectively use newsletters to manage and handle abandoned carts.

Produce Short Reports

By gathering a few of your previous posts and compiling a report that can be offered to your visitors for free, you will grow your list of subscribers and you will also provide your visitors with a sample of what they can expect by following your blog. This technique is actually a strategy that internet marketers use with immense success. Ridgeway Kitchens And Interiors Company keeps some blog posts showing the common problems and pain areas of their customers coming from real-time stories.

Transform your Posts into an eBook

Have you ever found money between the cushions of your sofa or under the bed? Well, there is always money lying around, you just have to look for it. If you’ve being considering writing an eBook relevant to your niche, you might be surprised to learn that the book is already available. Yes, the content is already within your blog posts, and all you have to do is structure it into an eBook format.


Use your existing articles and recycle them into a new form. This is an easy way to generate more unique content from the original articles that you already have.


Now that you have read this article, why not take action? The fastest way to success is to consistently take action.

  • Pick one of the four techniques described and implement it.
  • If you can’t decide, I suggest you create an eBook from your existing posts. In the eBook make sure to add links back to your site (as well as some affiliate links if appropriate) and give it away for free on your site, with an opt-in so you can get some leads.

Be sure to tell me about your results in the comments.




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Thursday, 21 November 2019
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