4 Content Marketing Tips

Marketing has changed from being sales driven to focusing on earning the interest of the consumers by providing content that is helpful, relevant and informative. Because of this reason content marketing has been named the present and future of marketing. The millennial era has seen the introduction of a new type of customer, one that wishes to search for the best deal as opposed to being sold directly to. The following 4 Content Marketing Tips will help you get started...

This has forced marketers to think differently about their approach as customers seek to be entertained and educated about the product/service before purchasing it. Due to the fact that there are currently a great variety of different distribution channels, marketers need to plan carefully ensuring they have chosen the right channel to use to send the messages out.

1. Conduct a Market Analysis

Before undertaking any activity, you should always analyse your competitors and research on what is it that they are doing. This is not only useful from the business’s strategy point of view, but also helps to identify any gaps or niches that you may want to capitalize on.

You should also look at the type of content your industry leaders are producing. As this will give you a good idea of the level of quality you would like to work towards.

2. Share Content 

Social media is a day to day habit for most people and allows you finding friends from around the world. This is also the way people share opinions on products they like. Some companies even substitute a custom Facebook page for a traditional website. By posting interesting pictures and videos, you can increase your company's social presence while boosting people's awareness of your brand and products/services provided.

Social posts also include posting articles and infographics on your own website. Be sure to add an embed code so others can add it to there site such as this scanning and archiving example. Adding a blog page allows people to voice their opinion, which will then increase your site’s ranking with Google. The higher your search engine ranking is, the more people will see you when they search for services similar to yours.

3. Generate Leads

Your website is a great place to generate leads and add informative content, but in order to do it you need to ensure the website is user friendly and easy to navigate around. The aim of navigating people around your site is to convert them into becoming your customers. Therefore your site has to engage the visitors straight away, using the page they land on or there is always the risk of losing them straight away.

Case studies, webinars, eBooks white papers and press releases are all examples of onsite content. By presenting case studies to clients, you show them your company's value from the eyes of your previous clients. If you are an ecommerce site, it would be beneficial to have reviews left by customers.

4. Sieze Opportunities

Once you've chummed the water with great content marketing, it's time to close the deal. Meeting people in person gives you the opportunity to capitalize on all the content marketing. Every company needs a reputable spokesperson who can attend trade shows and be a point of contact for the brand.

Ensure you measure all your leads and the conversion rate so that you can see if the content marketing campaign is producing results. Consider adding Google Analytics to your site (if you haven’t already done so) to track how well your content is performing and how many visitors it is driving to your site.

Create leads by ensuring your website is optimised with useful, relevant content, aiding the visitors in finding what they are looking for. Consider picking a few people, who have never been on your site before, to do a usability test. This will show you how easy/difficult it is to navigate the site from a user’s perspective.



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Tuesday, 23 July 2019
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