4 Checkout Page Strategies to Improve Conversion Rates

Shopping cart abandonment and fall in the conversion rate on a checkout page may perhaps appear to be an unpleasant verity of e-commerce life.  This often scares of the majority website owners, and it shouldn’t have to be that way.  As a matter of fact, as a website owner you can amplify conversion rates on your checkout page by helping to proffer your online shoppers with almost any and everything they necessitate to formulate a knowledgeable, certain and a rational decision (simple checkout page strategies).

This article will assist you in optimizing your checkout page for higher conversion rates –

  1. One -page checkout is ergonomic in nature; opt for it – A simple A/B test was conducted on the 2010 Vancouver Olympics online store back in the year 2010. In the experiment, 50 percent of all the would-be consumers were directed to a two-page checkout and other 50 percent were sent to a single-page checkout. Almost instantaneously, the single-page checkout demonstrated its efficacy and proved to have a much better conversion rate. As a matter of fact, the successful completion rate for the complete checkout process noted a growth of some 21.8 percent.When you’re working out to make your mind up whether or not to go with one step checkout or several pages, here's what you should do – try and understand it with an example of a supermarket. When shopping for groceries, customers constantly drift down in the direction of those checkout queues that are either shortest or the cashiers are fastest.Consequently, a single-page checkout is quicker than a multi-page checkout if for no explanation other than there are no extra pages to load, which undoubtedly consume your time. (Click here for more information on one-page checkout.)
  2. Make a substantial distinction between continue shopping and checkout button colors – Now that we’ve established the significance of single page checkout, let’s focus on other imperative points. If your website encompasses continue shopping and checkout button adjacently, consider altering the color of one of them to make it visually separate from the others and minimize the likelihood that the shopper will click on the wrong one.Also make certain that you provide enough space in between these two buttons so the shopper doesn’t mistake whilst clicking, for this is one common mistake that should be avoided to achieve higher conversion rates.
  3. Provide customers with the choice to make an account after they check out – Speaking strictly from a perspective of a shopper, there’s absolutely nothing more infuriating than being poked with the “Register to Create an Account!” popup, and that too before the person completes the order. Not sure if you heard about the USD 300 million dollar button but, it helped a retailer spike his sales exponentially and this is something website owners should mull over.Online shoppers, potential customers will willingly provide their contact details, for they too need to know the whereabouts of their order and they understand it very well that in order to track their package it is equally important, however, making them stop to fill up the whole thing prior to their purchase isn’t a good practice.
  4. Suggest and showcase correlated products before the shopper checks out – Whilst we are discussing ways to enhance conversion rates, this approach is highly recommended. It is one of the most excellent shopping cart practices that is deeply undermined and definitely underused. Especially in the area of electronics, where it’s a shopper’s desire to be extremely sure that they have bought everything they needed, it is no secret that they want to acquire the most out of their purchase.Let’s be practical and reckon, no one would ever want to receive a package to unearth that a particular item didn’t come with an adapter (or that one was suggested in the first place). It is always advantageous to recommend products under the section, “You may also like” “Recommended for you.” and more.
Follow these checkout page strategies and see for yourself the difference it can make in the conversion rates.



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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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