3 Things You Must Do To Take Your Sales to the Next Level


Before looking at ways to take your sales to the next level, it is important to consider the alternative. It is not necessary to take your sales to the next level if your sales are sufficient to keep you sustained and happy. But if you do want to grow sales significantly, then here are 3 things you must do to help take your sales to the next level:

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Changing one’s sales profile is not all puppies and roses. It can be rather disruptive, not to mention risky.

This type of change may also require an outlay of new investment. Raising the needed capital for expansion can be just as hard as raising it for the initial startup.

If the timing is not spot-on, your attempts to grow can lead to the downfall of your business. Expanding to new markets brings yet more risks, especially if those new markets are in other countries.

None of this is to discourage you from trying to get to the next level. It is simply to point out that if you are happy where you are, there are equally good reasons to stay put. However, if you have been bitten by the progress bug, the only antidote is to keep moving forward and upward. Here’s are 3 key things to do.

1. Understand the Failures

When it comes to increasing sales, you can learn a lot more from success than failures. A proper win loss analysis can expose the weak points in your sales process.

Win Loss Analysis teaches you how to win more by studying past sales deals. It helps you detect problems, understand the market, and stay close to the competition by listening to the best intelligence sources: your buyers and sellers.

This is not to say that there is nothing that can be learned from your successes. You need to know what worked so that you can double-down on the right things. But at the end of the day, that will only help you maintain your current level of success.

Knowing why you fail is the key to taking your sales to the next level. Perhaps it is no more complicated than your product being inferior to other competitors. You can’t fix that unless you know it. Once you discover why prospects are saying NO, you will be able to transform them into customers who say YES.

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2. Generate Better Leads

If you want more sales from the small end of the funnel, you have to pay more attention to your lead-generation at the top of the funnel. The funnel is a metaphor for the sales process. The top of the funnel is where the process begins, in particular, lead generation.

One of the more popular ways to generate better leads is through email marketing campaigns. There is a fine line between email marketing and spam. It is important to know that difference and never cross that line. It is not just in poor taste, spam is also illegal. And post-GDPR you need to make sure everyone on your mailing list can be emailed. 

A good lead is a lot more than a name and a number. It is a person who has expressed interest in your product or service and has made at least some kind of overture that they are willing to engage in a business conversation.

Good leads cost money, time and effort. They are not names picked out of a phone book. They are real relationships cultivated through email, social media, and inbound conversion optimisation. These are the tools of next-level sales.

3. Open New Markets

We're not just talking about more sales. We are talking next-level sales. You can't get there by just improving your conversion rate. At some point, you are going to have to open new markets for your product or service.

While it is not really possible to reduce opening new markets to 3 easy steps, finding the universal in your product, taking the small steps first, and utilising the talent you already have in your organization is a good start.

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You don’t have to go global to get to the next level of sales. But you do have to understand your failures, generate better leads, and find the next new market for your products and services.

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Sunday, 17 November 2019
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