3 Store Platforms New E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Should Consider

The Internet is an exciting place to be in, especially for those looking to use it to their advantage. New-age entrepreneurs want to leave no stone unturned in ensuring business success, which makes it imperative for them to establish not only their presence in, but also dominance over the online world. This is where the importance of having a digital storefront comes into the picture.

Not so long ago, customers and retailers depended on their brick-and-mortar stores to facilitate the buying-and-selling process, as well as for making financial transactions. Today, however, this can be done on a computer. Gone are the days when having an e-commerce store was an option.

Now-a-days, the Internet is a key business driver and if you’re an up-and-coming entrepreneur interested in selling your offerings to all those who can buy, then an online store can help you achieve this objective. All you will need is a competent Web-based store that has the potential to attract customers and offer them exceptional shopping experience, thereby enabling your business to flourish.

E-Commerce Stores to Supplement Your Business.

There’s a lot more to running an e-commerce store than just displaying your products and services digitally and engaging professionals to manage it. First and foremost, you’re going to need a powerful platform to ensure that you lay a strong foundation for building your store.

The good news is that there are several online platforms equipped with the necessary tools to start a fully-functional website available today. They will help you to not only build, design and set up your store, but also use it to generate profits.

Think of it this way – wouldn’t you like to walk into and buy from an appealing store that houses everything you need and want? It, therefore, makes sense to build your online store with this thought in mind. Also, think ahead and consider designing a store with an attractive layout, a quick checkout procedure, app markets, a secure payment gateway, and flawless integration with social networks.

Mentioned ahead are three web-based online store platforms that can help you.

1. ShopIntegrator


Are you new to the world of e-commerce store set up? Fret not, for you have ShopIntegrator at your disposal. Its user-friendly set up makes it the ideal choice for building an online store. A one-of-a-kind platform, it simplifies the time-consuming and overwhelming activity of putting together a fantastic e-commerce website and enables users to accomplish this in a matter of a few hours. You can start conducting business as soon as the website is live.

Adding features to your website just got easier with ShopIntegrator. Simply drag and drop the features you want to see in your e-store and create customized storefronts to display your products. Further, ShopIntegrator provides the convenience of getting a mobile-optimized layout to websites built on it, which makes it perfect for those who use different devices.

Customers get the option of making payments through credit/debit card and PayPal. ShopIntegrator allays concerns related to online shopping security for customers by protecting their data and transactions. It comes equipped with SSL security and PCI-compliant payment gateways.

Its biggest draw is the fact that this platform allows users to convert their already existing website, blog or social media account into an online store. And that’s not all. ShopIntegrator lets users build their website in seven languages.

2. Squarespace


Squarespace may not be your typical e-commerce store builder, but it does provide users with some great functional online tools that help them sell their offerings on the Internet.

Apart from that, it also enables users to manage their product variants and inventory, generate coupons, configure shipping costs and taxes, and manage customer data.

We live in the age of minimalism. Many a time, people like to keep things simple and want to extend this part of their personality to their e-commerce website as well. They want a storefront that looks uncluttered sans the complex tools and features. With its uncomplicated and organized layout, Squarespace makes for a splendid platform that provides a professional-looking website. Using their templates will give you a store that covers all the basics and leaves you with a storefront that is attractive, without any extra clamour.

Although Squarespace is easy to use, you can also have your store built through their specialists, who will customize the design as per your specifications and even perform custom coding.

If this resonates with you, then you will do well to give Squarespace a consideration.

3. Magento


If you’re looking for a platform that offers ample features along with multi-store functionality, and multiple currency and language support, then Magento may just be what you’re looking for.

Magento makes use of open-source technologies and programming languages. Moreover, it is search engine-friendly and its layout is mobile-compatible. Customers can look forward to a flawless buying process as it is a safe and well-organized platform to build your e-commerce store upon.

A few of the great things about Magento include its easy-to-use administrative functions that ensure an unperturbed back-end use of the platform. It offers intuitive navigation, which is bound to be on the wish list of every user.

Users have the freedom to customize and create a thematic structural design according to their liking. This gives them total control over the codes, which enables them to add functionalities as per their choice. Additionally, Magento is fully scalable and users can manage thousands of products on their store with ease.

What’s more? Magento offers tremendous community support to customers having trouble understanding its functionality, thanks to its expert developers, who not only bust your troubles, but also develop multiple extensions whenever required.


Building an e-commerce store need not be difficult or intimidating, even if you’re doing it for the first time. As long as you pick the right platform for your store, you should be able to create a store that gives you what you want. Make sure to go for one that not only allows you to display your offerings in an appealing manner, but also lets you automate several business processes with minimal error. This, in turn, should free you up to focus on other strategic business matters. Further, the platform should also support your business as it grows. The above options are worth your consideration and will surely give your online store the thrust it needs to succeed.



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Monday, 15 July 2019
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