3 Signs of a Healthy Facebook Page

Facebook remains the top contender in an increasingly competitive world of social media, yet it seems to continuously become more difficult to navigate for businesses.

Yes, business owners realize it’s important, and downright necessary to have a Facebook presence, but it seems like changes are introduced nearly every week that impact how your business is utilizing Facebook.

While a great personal Facebook page may be indicated by your number of “friends,” or your collection of personal photos, it’s a bit different in the business world. By recognizing the signs of a healthy, thriving Facebook page, it makes it easier to understand what you’re doing right, and more importantly, what you’re doing wrong. By understanding your mistakes, you’re opening yourself up to the tremendous opportunities provided by the site.

It’s Full of RELEVANT Images

The keyword being: relevant. Images are important to Facebook. Countless studies and surveys have shown people respond most positively to images on Facebook, and nearly every social media guru is going to encourage small businesses to use images—as long as they’re relevant.

If your business has a Facebook page full of meaningless graphics, cute kittens and quirky sayings, none of which relate to your business, you’re essentially spamming people, which never plays out well for a Facebook page.

It’s important that you’re creating content that’s engaging and compelling, and not just filling space with odd or cutesy images.

Engagement on Individual Posts

Time and time again, small business owners are being told Facebook is not about increasing your “Likes.” It’s about engagement. Engagement is what is going to turn those likes into real business; otherwise you’re just wasting time and resources on the site.

A healthy Facebook page is going to have not only lots of likes on individual posts, but also shares. This means people are interested in the content you’re providing, and it’s being seen. Not every post is going to be a huge success, but it’s important to put thought into posts, and consider what your audience is really going to want to see.

Nothing says lifeless Facebook page quite like post after post with either none, or very few likes.

A Great Mix of Conversion and Conversation

This is something many small business owners have an extremely hard time grasping in terms of social media, because after all, isn’t the point to increase business? It is, but not in the hard sell, in your face way.

Consumers are constantly bombarded with marketing and advertising, and the unique aspect of Facebook and social media is the opportunity to build a relationship and a sense of trust among customers and potential customers. This relies not on just constantly trying to sell, but also to listening, conversing and creating dialogue on your Facebook page.

A business with a healthy page is going to have lots of back and forth conversation, and while there will be some conversion efforts intermixed, there’s going to be a fairly equal ratio of conversation.

Ultimately, the goal with your Facebook page should be to create an ecosystem of customers, potential customers and anyone who’s interested in what you have to offer. As with SEO, a top priority on the path to a healthy page should always be to introduce top quality content and images that are going to make it worthwhile for visitors.

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Friday, 19 July 2019
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