3 Secrets to New Client Acquisition

If there is only one thing a business must do to stay in business, what would it be? It is to get a steady stream of clients, customers, or buyers. Without this influx of consumers for your product or service, your business will go out of business. In this post I outline 3 secrets to new client acquisition.

Yet, despite this obvious fact, most small businesses appear to focus on almost every other aspect of their business except this one.

The reason for this behavior is not logical, but psychological. Since it’s challenging to get a steady stream of clients, it’s much easier to focus on product development, administration, or other more predictable aspects of running a business.

However, if you’re ready to bite the bullet, here are three simple steps to improve customer acquisition.

Create high-quality marketing collateral.

Every business should arm its salespeople with marketing collateral to make sure that the interaction with a prospect will flourish into a future relationship.

First, get high-quality business cards, either designing one yourself or hiring someone to design it. There are many times when you bump into people who are interested in what you have to offer, and it’s advisable to leave them with your name and contact information. However, a cheap card will not leave a good impression, so invest in getting some quality cards.

Second, create a website to follow up on the information provided in the card. A website can function as a full-scale catalog of everything your business has to offer. Additionally, by using search engine optimization and other traffic generating tactics, you will attract visitors who are combing through the major search engines looking for the product or service that your business offers.

Third, create any additional marketing material that might be relevant to helping people become aware of your business. This can range from brochures to flyers, from promotional items to samples.

Improve Business Processes.

There are many ways that you can improve the performance of your current marketing and sales process. For instance, how much time each week are you spending on customer acquisition? How often are you asking your existing clients for referrals? What process do you use to track customer acquisition strategies that you’ve tried? By asking yourself some hard questions and looking at how you are currently doing things, you will find a lot of ways to improve your business performance and refine your existing processes.

Improve Customer Experience.

Besides trying to market your business, get your customers to help you. Word-of-mouth marketing may be the least time consuming and inexpensive way of getting the word out, yet it can be the most rewarding. In order to get customers to recommend your business, you need to offer them a high quality experience. By using a platform like Mindshare Technologies at mshare.net, you will be able to access the tools you need to measure improvements in customer satisfaction, including getting customer satisfaction reports.



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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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