3 Secrets to Making Your Office Comfortable and Pristine for Your Employees


Creating a pleasant, clean environment can have a direct effect on productivity. Workers find it easier to move around, get organized for their tasks and feel their contribution to the company is valued. Even the smallest touches can make a big impact in a work environment. There is nothing as motivating as a clean and relaxed working atmosphere.

The addition of plants, good lighting, and comfortable furniture can help your staff feel they can do their best when at work. Here are a few ways your company can enjoy the benefits of having a clean and healthy workplace for your staff.

1 – Let in the Light

A well-lighted work environment can have a huge impact on productivity. The brighter ambiance offers a different kind of motivation. Performing everyday tasks become easier and more efficient. If you make use of any natural light sources, you can also have a psychological impact on the atmosphere in your office, allowing your staff to feel more connected to the outside world and the normal pace of life.

It is easy to get depressed and tired of you don’t see much daylight. Getting the most use out of an existing window or light source can make a world of difference. Although the adjustments are very small and inexpensive, they have an important impact on the well-being and health of workers. You will be surprised at the difference a little sunlight can make.

2 – Improve Indoor Air

Maintaining healthy indoor air can help to reduce illness and absenteeism and can ensure a more productive workplace. Air vents should be unobstructed to allow the free flow of air throughout the office space. There is nothing as gloomy or unmotivating as a stuffy office space. A little airflow can go a long way in gatting the most out of your employees.

The use of chemical cleaning and pest control compounds can be limited to prevent unhealthy vapors. You want to make sure that whatever cleaning products you choos are not overwhelming in the small space. Exhaust fans should be used at loading docks and similar areas. Additional air filtering devices can be used during remodeling projects. Workers can be encouraged to have plants, which help to oxygenate indoor air.

3 - Restrooms in Top Condition

The company restroom is more than just a place to take care of necessary biological functions. A restroom is often a place of respite and rejuvenation during a busy workday. Workers may perform grooming tasks or tend to medical needs, if necessary. A grimey bathroom does not create any sense of ease or relaxation. It’s very important to clean your facilities regularly and make sure that they are well stocked.

 Business owners should keep this in mind, and ensure that company restrooms are sanitary and pristine, so staff can utilize this resource at work when needed. A reliable office cleaning company such as Majik Cleaning Services can make sure restroom floors and fixtures are clean and free of contaminants. Needed paper products should be re-stocked on a regular basis. Deodorizing should take place on a regular basis.

The time and expense business owners put into creating a healthy work environment pay off in productivity, lower absentee rates, and higher team morale. If you want to see improvements in these areas, take a close look at your employees’ workplace.

 You can easily implement changes that will impact the environment to make it a more positive atmosphere. These three tips are a good start to making the improvements that matter to your staff.



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Sunday, 21 July 2019
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