3 Marketing Lessons SMBs Can Learn from Weight Watchers

Getting a small business off the ground requires more than a can-do attitude; it also requires hard work and a little marketing know-how.

There are plenty of ways to learn about marketing, but one of the best resources out there is studying the strategies of successful businesses. In this post we will examine the company Weight Watchers to find some of the marketing tips that can help your business be successful too.

1. Broaden your target audience.

By 2020, experts predict that eight in ten men and seven in ten women in the United Kingdom will be obese. Even though there are slated to be more obese men than obese women, women are far more likely to try a dieting program such as Weight Watchers.

However, that does not stop Weight Watchers from targeting men too. During the playoffs for the NBA, America's National Basketball Association, Weight Watchers paid a premium for marketing space to reach a largely male audience. In doing so, Weight Watchers reached far more potential customers and their sales then reflected this fact accordingly.

So even if you have a specific target audience in mind, find creative ways to reach more people that are outside of your target zone. Just because one sex is your traditional audience does not mean that your product will not appeal to others.

2. Present the consumer with a problem and your product as the solution.

Currently, one in four Britons are overweight, so Weight Watchers already has a wide potential audience for their product. Customers may already be looking for the services you provide, just as people looking to start a diet go to Weight Watchers.

The way Weight Watchers differentiates itself from other similar products, however, is by making the problem (in this case counting calories and dieting in general) look more complicated than the customer previously thought.

Sure, there are lots of things that make weight loss more effective. But Weight Watchers makes it seem like their weight loss strategy is the only one that works.

The real genius is the way they provide an elegant solution: the Points system. The Points system is based on research done by Weight Watchers to help customers manage their caloric intake in a way most conducive to weight loss.

Basically, Weight Watchers tells customers that dieting is hard but by joining their program and following the Points system, managing weight can be easy.

No matter what your product is, coming up with a similar brilliant solution to the problem that your product is meant to address is a good way to attract as well as keep customers.

3. Everyone loves a discount.

Lastly, Weight Watchers continually offers their two staple products--online tracking and monthly meetings--at a discount. The discounts vary, but they can make joining a Weight Watchers program look attractive and affordable even if they entice the consumer to spend more than he or she originally intended.

When offering discounts, you have to know your own customers' interests. Discounts are a great way to get new business in the door and to keep people coming back. Everyone likes to feel like they are saving--especially if it is for a product that they feel they need.

Weight Watchers is a great example of how savvy marketing techniques can bode well for a company, but be sure to take into account your own business's goals and clientele. What will work in big cities like London or Dublin may not work in smaller, rural towns. Know your own business and try these strategies to see what will work for you.



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Tuesday, 23 July 2019
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