3 home business secrets

When people consider setting up a business from home a lot of factors need to be taken into account, but one of the most overlooked seems to be telecoms. This maybe a result of people assuming it does not apply to a home business, but this naivety usually results in issues getting sprung upon them at a later stage. Typical examples of this are potential customers not willing to call a mobile number or because their landlines are local area numbers their national presences is compensated. Below are 3 home business secrets you need to consider when choosing a telecoms service for your home business.

3 home business secrets

1. Different types of phone numbers appeal to different types of people

Believe it or not choosing the right type of phone number runs parallel to defining your customer demographics. This is because different types of phone numbers tend to appeal to different types of people, so as you can imagine this is something that should be thought about thoroughly.

Location is an important aspect, for example: If your customers are local, then obviously a local area number would be perfect (01 and 02 numbers) it would make them feel comfortable calling and your company could develop a local presence. However, if your audience is nationwide then a free phone (0800 number) or 0330 number would be more ideal.

Possibly you liaise with international clients and this is your primary method of business, then an international toll free number would suit you more.

Home based charities are rising more than ever and corresponding to this Ofcom introduced 0300 numbers not too long back. This number range was designed for charities of all sizes; they charge the caller the same as a local number (Free to call from mobiles) and exude a national identity

2. How much do your services/products make you?

If your services are expensive (selling second hand cars for example) then you may be able to validate paying for slightly more expensive call charges. On the other hand, if your services are slightly cheaper, paying for high-priced call charges may not be justifiable.

Freephone numbers like 0800s and 0808s are great for attracting customers because they know they won’t pay anything for the call, but consequently you do.

If this is the case you may want to think about using 0844 or 0845 numbers, they may not have the good reputation freephone numbers have but they prevent you from paying the call charges.

3. Are you on the move?

Even when the title “home business” is used it doesn’t necessarily mean you will be there all the time. In fact when you are working alone (or possibly in the sole trade) being in the office all day maybe impractical.

If you’re business involves you leaving the office often, remember not to present two different phone numbers (mobile and landline). You want customers to associate you with one number as much as possible to remain memorable and referable. Also it is never a great idea presenting a mobile phone number to customers as they can be off putting and sometimes seem unprofessional.

Have one business number that can be directed to both your landline and mobile, most telecoms companies give you the option of changing your target number online whenever you want.



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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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