3 Great SEO Fixes That Work for Every Website

Why start your new year with resolutions that live no longer than a butterfly? Instead try making a few changes in your website to fare better with search engines. We know, it does not sound as happening as “no donuts for a month” or “Pilates every Wednesday”, but we are sure these small but significant changes will definitely live longer. And you will see your website traffic grow in leaps and bounds in less than a fortnight!

So let us compile a list of SEO fixes that your website will need come the New Year. While some may not seem as “quick” as you would want them to be, others might just be things you have done about 10 times and yet need another look. So buckle up as we take you through a journey of awesome SEO strategies and fixes.

#1 Small changes make a “word” of difference

What do you think of when we say “Mercedes”? Well, it’s a leading car manufacturer. And what about, “Pizza Hut”. This one’s easy; it’s an American fast food chain. You see, every brand can be summarized into a few words. Now the question is — what are the few words you want to describe your business or brand with? This may take you some time to decide, but in the mean while, let us tell you how to go about the process of finding the right “catch phrase” for your brand name:

  • Include the phrase or word(s) in the SEO title tag of your website and the meta description as well.
  • For most effective results, include the same in your website’s main image file name, in all the alternate (ALT) text and title text.
  • You don’t necessarily need to use the phrase as the anchor text everywhere, but do find place for it in all your social profiles, local business listings and author bios that backlink to your website.
  • Make sure that your website links back to your company name and that the key “phrase” is in the vicinity.
  • If you have print media that reference your website mention the word(s) consistently to make an impression on your target audience.
The purpose:At this point, you may be wondering, why it is so important to get a keyword phrase for your business when you already have a registered name and strategies with SEO services USA? This is a very old trick in the book for effective branding and for associating the phrase with your name. So, every time someone spots your name, they think of the phrase and vice versa. Google is actually “teaching” its new algorithms this trick of association, and when someone searches using those keywords, your business will be the first one to pop up on the SRLs.

If you cannot think of a “keyword phrase” for your company, why don’t you try Rank Tracker? It is a great tool that can come up with a long list of miraculous suggestions to boost your organic search traffic.

#2A few must-have analytical tools:

While it is absolutely possible to do things manually, we just don’t see the reason why you should do so when there are amazing analytics tools like Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. These are master key fixes for your website SEO, provided you have them installed in both your website account and your company’s AdWords, Tag Manager, Google Business Tools and YouTube accounts.

Why do you need Google analytics?

Google Analytics is irreplaceable as a SEO tool since it is one of the very few that offer Organic Search Traffic Report. You can make alterations in the date range, and compare the range to different periods to check the differences in growth or decline in organic traffic.

What is Google Webmaster Tools (GWT)?

This is more of a toolsuite that offers your website a score of useful tools to analyze all problems that may be affecting your website traffic and search engine ranking.

What is the GWT alternative?

WebSite Auditor is another premium tool that offers a more in-depth analysis of your website content and SEO settings. It offers suggestions to make your site more search engine optimized and pull in more traffic.

#3 Listen in on conversations:

This is something our mothers always discouraged us from doing in social situations. But when it’s social networking, it’s just the thing to do! Here are a few tips that will help you do that:

  1. Get Google Alerts or Awario Alerts to set up notifications every time someone mentions your brand, company name, product name or unique ids in relation to your company and/or services. So, whenever someone mentions any of the above without a reference link to your company you can “politely” send the editor an email to squeeze one in.What’s the worst that can happen? The editor can give you a resounding, “No”. On the flip side, if it works, you can get your link in a highly visited blog post.
  2. You can also try your luck at being a guest contributor on high quality publications that are relevant to your industry. This carries the name of your brand and products far and wide, without any form of upfront investment. Although guest blogging is considered a dead end in the link-building front, it is mighty helpful if you just want to build a positive impression of your brand. Do not forget the author bio where you get a free mention and maybe also squeeze in the great “keyword phrase” you came up with in the first section.
So here’s a toast to the New Year and your brand’s on coming success! Just make sure that you already have a mobile friendly website to begin with and some great unique content to keep your readers, visitors and potential customers engaged.

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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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