3 Easy Ways to Measure Consumer Product Engagement

As a company, understanding how your consumers view your products, brand, or services provides valuable feedback. This feedback helps to identify areas which may need improvement, and also show the strong points that resonate with consumer audiences. Image is one of the most important aspects of any successful company, and this image extends downward to every service or product associated with your company. Likewise, the effects of that image reach upwards, helping to establish the image (and therefore the general identity) of the brand and company as a whole. Brand awareness and image is extremely important and have the ability to negatively or positively affect sales.

Mobile App Polling

Mobile App Polling

Successful companies utilize many different methods to collect this feedback. One of the many benefits of social media marketing is the direct insight it provides into the overall customer perception. It indicates brand awareness as well as brand reception. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus have mobile apps which make mobile app polling a simple process. Likewise, many companies have begun developing their own, dedicated mobile apps. These dedicated apps provide a less competitive way to collect consumer feedback. One downfall of dedicated, proprietary mobile apps is that they require brand awareness as a prerequisite in order to be used effectively. This will reduce the need for extra marketing efforts, allowing companies to focus their efforts into areas of more relevance.

Mobile app polling allows companies to ask direct questions to their consumers, and the apps generally perform the necessary calculations as well as event apps provide live chat option. This provides data in the former of percentages usually, as well as providing insight into any negatively viewed aspects of the brand by manner of contrast.



Surveys can be a double edged sword. As a company or brand, image is absolutely essential. This extends outward to all of your external presences. Websites, social media accounts, apps and yes, even surveys.

Surveys allow companies to collect feedback much the same as mobile apps and, depending on their delivered platform, electronic surveys can offer some of the best ways to get direct consumer feedback on products or brands.. While mobile apps generally focus on one to two points in their polls, surveys can be as comprehensive as the company wants to make them. With this much freedom and power, some self control should be employed when crafting the inquiries to be used. With great power comes great responsibility, after all.

It's important to remember that the average consumer has a much more limited interest in the general consumer perception than the company itself has. Surveys perform better when those completing it find it relevant, easy to use and unobtrusive. Furthermore, they would rather be doing almost anything else, so it's important to get the information you need quickly and effectively. This can be accomplished by asking only the important questions and ensuring that the survey layout is easy on the eyes. Have you ever visited a website that just looked extremely cluttered? It's almost fatiguing on the eyes and the mind.

If it looks like work, your consumers are more likely to just give up and go back to posting cat meme on facebook. Another way to avoid this is to make sure your surveys are not pushed at your consumers. If they feel like the survey is their idea, they're more likely to be happy about completing it.

There are many companies and organizations using electronic voting methods.The Museum of Tolerance uses electronic voting--it is a popular attraction in Los Angeles that educates visitors on the Holocaust and how we as a contemporary society can learn to be accepting of one another. The Museum collects data on tolerance levels as a part of an interactive exhibit in their "Tolerancenter". This exhibit, the Point of View Diner, uses electronic voting to help guests engage in the lesson and further the education gained from the exhibit.

Consumer Review Service

Another method is using a consumer review service. Often times a company may not have the time, resources, or experience to make use of other methods. More often, companies prefer to entrust their feedback collection to a provider that specializes in the consumer review service area. These companies are staffed by experts, and are capable of creating a scenario that is of maximum beneficence to the brand and company. Surveys, polls, and other feedback collection methods are only as helpful as they are visible. The more consumers know about them, the more consumers will provide their feedback. More feedback means improved ability to ensure your brand, product, or service is developing a reputation of quality and dependability.

As you can see, with something as important as customer feedback, it is important to go about it the right way. As technology and the Internet improve, the ability to connect with your consumers in more personal ways increases. Keeping up on these trends and partnering with those who know the ins and outs will help keep your company or brand visible and favorable.



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Wednesday, 11 December 2019
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