3 Critical Business Organisation Problems and How to Fix Them Fast


There is no such thing as a business, large or small, that does not have organisational problems. Sometimes these issues are growing pains, but in some cases, they are real problems which have a major impact on the production and success of the company as a whole. 3 critical issues that many companies face include the following:

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1. Lack of Qualified Applicants

Employees may come and go so quickly that you barely get to know their names. The era of the long-term employee who works for the same company for 20 or 30 years is gone. Every day businesses are faced with the expense and time it takes to train new personnel, only to have them leave for other opportunities a few months later. Often there is a general lack of qualified applicants to fill open positions.

One step you can take is to promote and train from within. This will entice current employees to stay and, when the word gets out, new applicants will be standing in line for open positions.

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Low Employee Morale

Employee morale can be a huge problem. It can affect so many facets of the business such as production, timeliness, and general attitudes. How your staff feels about the business they work for can be altered with just a few simple steps.

Some believe that salaries are the number one concern and raising pay rates will increase morale. This is not always true. Being made to feel like an integral part of the company, having a say in major decisions, and being treated with respect and fairness can go a long way in making your employees feel good about where they work and the duties they are performing.

Providing the tools to create an effective work/life balance and providing opportunities for growth are also important. Make a point to instill the importance and impact of these factors into all of your managers from the start.

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Lack of Organisation

Sometimes the right hand just doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. Different software systems may be used in different departments, resulting in confusion and chaos. Many organisational problems facing businesses today can be greatly reduced or even eliminated through the use of communication and other planning software, including but not limited to planning, purchasing, payroll, and sales.

Recognising (and then responding) to these 3 key issues is a first step towards solving them in a timely and efficient manner.

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Wednesday, 13 November 2019
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