20 Ways to Improve your Marketing

Marketing is crucial in any type of business as it can bring in new customers and clients as well as keep the old ones! Here are 20 ways to improve your marketing.

Whether you have a marketing team in house or it’s just you, freshening up on marketing ideas is always a great way to keep the business on track. There are small things you can do day-to-day or even week-to-week to improve your brand image.

First things first, dedicate some time to do your own marketing plan so you have a good idea of your target audience and future goals for the business. Here are 20 tips:

  1. You need an online presence. Social media profiles are free to create and can connect millions of potential customers for your business. Those who don’t go online are missing out big time!
  2. Think back to how you attracted your first customers. Would it still work and how can you expand on this?
  3. Create and keep updating a report system to analyse what methods work and what methods don’t.
  4. Do you need new customers or do you want to focus on your existing customers? Depending on the answer, you’ll be able to create specific targets in your marketing strategy.
  5. Keep business goals at the front of your mind. Where do you want to see your business in five years?
  6. Complaints are really the best kind of feedback you can get. Fix the problem and tell your customers or potential clients how you’ve improved the business.
  7. Always be aware of what your competitors are doing. Find areas they aren’t focusing on that could benefit customers and use this to your advantage.
  8. Can you bring in new products or services and freshen up the business? This can bring back old customers and attract new ones at the same time.
  9. Create a really in-depth analysis of your target market and question whether it should be expanded or kept small and exclusive.
  10.  We already mentioned having an online presence (this is crucial), but depending on your product, social media may be the best way to reach out to customers. Ensure you tweet, share and interact with followers every day to build relationships.
  11. Another online marketing point: familiarise yourself with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and the way online search platforms, like Google and Bing, work. After a bit of researching and (perhaps outside help from experts) you can find out the best ways to get to the top of that search page and get noticed by your customers.
  12. To keep customers interested and engaged with your product or service, ensure simple things, like grammar and spelling, are correct in all correspondence. If you have a blog or news section on your website, keep this updated with unique, quality content.
  13. Do you have any email marketing systems in place? Consider outsourcing someone to do this side of marketing for you if conversions will likely outweigh the costs. What return do you get for your investment?
  14. Would telemarketing work for your business?
  15. What is your conversion rate? Out of all the leads/enquiries you get, how many convert to sales or customers? How can you improve this?
  16. Ask for more reviews and feedback to go into testimonials.
  17. Are there businesses out there you can work with (non-competitors) that could provide a unique product or service to your customers (and vice versa).
  18. Do you hold on to customer’s names, addresses and phone numbers in a database?
  19. Look at ways to improve customer service. Efficiency and smiles are key!
  20. Enrol on a marketing course, attend seminars, network, join in online forums and read up on expert guides to marketing. You’re bound to pick up a thing or two to help improve your business!
Claire Moore is a Marketing Executive for the KSA Group, and also a contributor to the site www.companyrescue.co.uk based in the City of London. KSA Group are corporate recovery experts and licensed insolvency practitioners. Claire has a huge passion for business and finance and enjoys writing about these subjects. You can follow Claire on Twitter @ClaireKSA

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