2 Great tips for small ecommerce businesses

Small businesses in Ireland traditionally operate out of an office or store but the world is moving forward at a rapid pace and everything is changing. More and more people are shopping online for goods rather than going to the shop. This is why us small businesses need to come together and help everyone move if possible to having an online store. The last thing you want is to be left behind so here are a few tips to improve your ecommerce website.

Unique Product Descriptions

This is something I come across nearly everyday when I’m searching to buy products on the Internet. All the descriptions are generic and are copy & pasted straight from the manufacturers website. Although this information is perfect for consumers if you want your business to get found and increase your traffic then this small change to your small businesses website can help.

A friend of mine has an Irish Photobook Company  which sells products to a very niche market. She tested this tip of rewriting her Content for a specific product and she noticed that when she searched for keywords regarding this product that her page was coming up. She is now in the process of rewriting all the product descriptions because she knows every little bit of traffic really helps her small business.

Being a small business your time is usual very scarce but try and find some time to rewrite the product descriptions. If you can’t find the time you could always get a college student or even your son/daughter to help you write the new content.

Most people won’t believe that unique descriptions help but especially for small business it is important. Most small business would not have the brand recognition as their suppliers do so unique descriptions are even more important because Google won’t show your page in search results.

Simple Checkout Process

This is were most small online business fail because the checkout process is over complicated. These small businesses don’t know any better and are asking for information that is not needed. The best way to have a checkout process is to have it as simple as possible just ask for exactly what is needed. When you get someone to press that buy button you want to lock them in until they give you the necessary details to make the purchase.

One Step Checkout

The simpler this process is the more sales you will get. In the image above it is called the ‘onestepcheckout’ this is perfect because it just asks for the basic information to be able to send the product to your door. These are a very small business is Ireland who have utilised all its assets by moving to an online store and keeping it simple.

If you are wondering what information you need here is a list

  • Name
  • Billing/shipping Address
  • Contact Number
  • Payment details
It really is that simple, most people over complicate their website because they think it’s what everyone else is doing. Online should be no different to in store sales. When you scan the product you take the money and it’s over, keep it that simple and your small online business will drive more sales.

I work for a small business in Ireland and most of my friends own small businesses in Ireland and other parts of the world. They have noticed that the world is evolving and they said if they don’t jump on the online bandwagon then they will get left behind. Follow these tips and they should help your small business grow. I know they seem time consuming but try and spend a little time every week to make some helpful changes.

A helpful place to get information about websites or approved web designers go to the Internet Association of Ireland. They have been a great help to me so far. IIA Information



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Tuesday, 23 July 2019
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