15 Tips To Start a Social Media Campaign

Social media greatly influences the modern world and different spheres of life. Business is not an exception.What is more, it’s high time to use social media for such purposes as it can turn to a real profit. If you don’t, you can miss a lot. According to Statista, 97% of global share of businesses use social media marketing. Social networks provide a plenty of opportunities, but the main thing is to put them to their proper use.

Social media marketers and burgeoning entrepreneurs have their own ways of implementation an effective campaign while there are some more or less common tips which can come in handy not only for marketers, but for small business owners for them to be in control of SMM of a particular service or product.

The following list contains fifteen wholesome tips to start a social media campaign.

1.Let’s go(Where to begin)

Define your potential client. Learn about your core market as much as possible. What are their aims? What are their problems? By doing this you can find out what information can be interesting for them, what they need. It’s likely to choose and make a list of social media, which can be actual for your business and where you can set your social media camp.

2.Work at your content

Content is a part and parcel of social media strategy. Qualitative content will attract people and turn the users into customers. It helps to catch interest, therefore it’s important to make it worthy. At the virtual age, the unique and fresh content is an advantageous tool.

3.Make a plan

Many people start social media campaign in a big way, but then the enthusiasm disperses. It will be better if there will be  a consistent and rational content plan. This plan must give the answers on such questions like: What to post every day? What kind of content should be posted quarterly? Half-yearly?Once a year? It doesn’t mean that it’s necessary to know the content ten years ahead, but taking into account months is preferable. Moreover, if there is some spirited content or if it is even planned, you have to know when and with what periodicity it can be


4.Create profiles

Every social platform can be useful in it’s way. Not only Facebook or Twitter can be the source for your social media campaign. Blogging platforms, YouTube, Instagram also come in handy. Creating profiles, making them a company’s image will expand your opportunities. Therefore, the more platforms you use, the more people can be engaged.

  1. Be friends with your clients
One of the most common mistakes is to forget about your readers or to ignore them. Social media is a great way to communicate with clients. The foremost aspect is an interaction with them. Read their news, try to learn what they are interested in, comment, response, hold a dialogue. Openness and intercommunication is a great virtue.
  1. Netiquette
The etiquette is an important aspect in cultural society. It’s significant, that the WWW isn’t a place where it’s allowed to forget about some common rules. Having their own weather, social media networks presuppose some special kind of etiquette. Except common rules about obscene language, rudeness, flood and spam, there is something that is of great importance.Not to make the readers lose interest, you should timely respond.
  1. Keep a sharp look-out
Social media can be unpredictable. Negative comment can cause an immediate backlash. That’s why you have to be careful and watchful. Resolving the situation before it gets worse is a way out from further difficulties. The spirit of cooperation and the wish to help should be reflected in your response preventing you from other expressions of discontent.

8. Don’t overdo it

Overcharging your audience with excessive content and ads isn’t very classy. The content should be effective. Frequent publications, which don’t provide enough profits is a useless way. There is a risk of being ignored or what is worse, the readers can leave your business page. Therefore, take it slow and steadily, following a plan.

  1. Be patient
Increasing the number of followers and creating a social media community requires time and patience. It’s like building a house from the ground up. It is necessary to monitor the trends of social platforms, and decide in which direction it’s preferable to move on. Working with social media presupposes consistency. The units of content should be collected jointly to create an image of a wholesome social media campaign. It can take a good deal of time. Be ready for this.

10. Don’t be obtrusive

SMM specialists want their texts to be actively read, but it’s also important for them not to seem intrusive and not to bore their followers.  Of course, your goal is to promote your products and services, but by posting useless information constantly, you can cause the sense of irritation and rejection.If you create engaging content, then users will react to it, and will distribute it on the web.

11. Analyze

Social media activities need analysis to understand what works, when works and what can be improved. The following results can be among the KPIs of your social media campaign: indicators of content interaction, conversion, traffic and its quality, augmentation of new readers and regular readers. On the basis of these factors, you can make some conclusions on what is better for you campaign and what you should stop using.

12. Play around with content

There are different types of content to kindle users’ interest. The diversity attracts attention. Moreover, focusing narrowly on one variant to present the information can’t work for your benefit. Variegate your content, publishing  educational (how-to, useful advices, expert gimmicks, checklists, guidances), engaging content (business-lessons, reviews, fan), the content with opinion leaders, the content about oneself (about company, workers, achievements, interesting facts). Just make it different. Thus, you can see what is best.

  1. Thoughts of your team
The ideas found inside your team can bring positive results. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand what to post and writhing out a paragraph a day without any value in the information posted - isn’t an option.Generate ideas together with your team. No matter how many people are included in this process, they can be helpful. Try to find ideas inside your company. Discuss all the significant aspects of your business, letting everybody have a say. This way is interesting, worthwhile and, what is more, it is uniting.
  1. Dig deeper
Staying relevant is one of the most important rules of social media world. If you want to succeed in this sphere, gather information about your competitors and modern tendencies. Try to connect common facts and news with some information about your business. Learn from others, one mouse click separates you from them. Take what is given, keep thinking and writing fruitful content.
  1. The core of success
Social media has firmly grown into our lives. They are always available. They are available everywhere. Computers, laptops, mobile internet, social media apps are our fellow travelers, which provide us with the opportunity to keep virtually social. We have to do our part. There are two golden rules in social communication: listen and speak.”Listen” - use social media to understand your clients better. “Speak” - use social media to spread the word about your business and engage.

By way of conclusion

Social media campaign presupposes the dialogue between the author of the information and the reader. It’s in your power to make it constructive.


About the Author:

Alina Kemakh is a marketing writer at Erminesoft, a mobile app development company. She likes writing on different topics because in writing she sees working of the mind and imagination.





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