12 Productivity Tips Given by Successful StartUp CEO’s

12 Productivity Tips Given by Successful StartUp CEO’s

Most of the today’s CEO’s who also happen to lead successful companies can never find enough time to do their everyday tasks. Time is their biggest friend and enemy. The lack of time becomes an issue the moment it indirectly impacts your business results.

CEO’s often tend to take everything on themselves. Because they’re the owners of the companies, they’re emotionally attached and believe that everything relies on them.

This might be true. But sometimes, it’s better to change this aspect for your own health and wellbeing sake.

When a CEO becomes involves in marketing, sales, branding, customer service, planning, recruiting, and so much more activities, leading that company often becomes a difficult and overwhelming task.

Overwhelm leads to disorganized work, and disorganized work frequently leads to failure. Smart CEO’s understood that this type of lifestyle is toxic, and therefore looked for solutions.

During today’s article, we’ll take a look at 12 powerful insights that come from successful CEO’s that deal with the same type of issues:



SuperiorPapers is a popular writing service that focuses on academic papers. They deliver qualitative and custom assignments which UK students find hard to write. Kristy Winter is the CEO of this service, and she’s a very busy businesswoman who treats her business with much care. Here’s what you should learn from her:

    • Focus on fewer tools

Every business needs tools. But some businesses use more than its required. Aim for software that can help your business with various tasks through a single interface.

    • Pay attention to your health condition

It all starts with your habits. The better habits you have, the better quality of life you'll get.  Maintaining an active schedule which involves frequent exercising and healthy eating is a key factor to obtaining the necessary energy to lead a successful company.

    • Start the day strong

If your day starts with small accomplishments, the rest of it will seem easier and more productive. Try to tick off as many to-dos in the beginning of the day, and leave the rest for later.



We’ve asked Matt about his definition of productive. The answer was quite unusual. “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life”. Of course, for some of you this statement might sound like a cliché, or even absurd. Therefore, we insisted a little bit more. Here’s what we got from him:

    • Delegate time-consuming tasks

This is the first thing that a CEO should do in order to thrive. You must leave the easy task to your employees, and focus on the matters that matter the most. So if you get stuck with something, don’t hesitate to take advantage of freelancers. They would love to get a few bucks, and you’d love some free time.

    • Always prioritize the important tasks

If you have three tasks, start with the most difficult one. Once it’s done, the levels of stress that you’ll feel during the day will quickly drop down. More than often, the most important task from a day leads to the most important outcome.

    • Note Everything Down

If you want to save the good ideas, keeping a notebook close to you would be a good strategy. Also, make sure that you note down your plans and schedules. This way, interruptions will happen less often.



Mikael is the CEO at one of the most fast-growing photo start-up business. In the present moment, the company gets around one billion views per month, and they offer a great diversity through their content and features.

    • Anything that must be repeated must also be automated

This is a very useful tip for those of you who keep doing the same tasks over and over again. If that task is easy and repeatable, then it means that someone else can do it too. Teach them, hire them, do whatever you need – but stop wasting your precious time.

    • Predict interruptions and avoid them

If you want to stay focused and productive, you must block the interruptions which are coming through your way. This includes social networks, e-mails, phone, and employees.

    • Focus on you employees

If your employees are effective, your company will be productive. That is a fact, and you should always consider it. Make your team strong, and you’ll be able to pass some responsibilities to others. Otherwise, it all lays on you.



Auren Hoffman is a serial entrepreneur which managed to successfully launch and sell five companies already. The secret lies in his productivity, but how does he attain it?

    • Avoid multitasking

More than often, professionals believe that multitasking will help them get more things done. When it comes to CEO’s, things look differently. An CEO needs to take important and well-thought decisions. Single-tasking works better in this case.

    • Do less but better

Auren suggests that the real winners understand that doing more doesn’t necessarily mean success. Doing fewer things, but doing them with more care and focus will prove to be more useful in the longer run.

    • Learn to say “no” to people

If you're a CEO, you probably know that you are one of the very few who value time more than anything. Social distractions are often intervening. Productive professionals learn to say “no” to different requests and invitations. This way, they can maintain their focus on their critical tasks.


Professionals from all niches of activity crave for productivity. In fact, every person wants to be productive, but only those who commit and focus can actually achieve this state.

If you’re a busy professional, and you’re looking to improve your company’s well being and performance, start using the above-mentioned tips. They all come from trustworthy CEOs. Keep in mind…It’s not enough to be aware of them, you must also take action upon them.



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Monday, 15 July 2019
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