11 Tips for Motivating Your Employees


A motivated workforce goes a long way towards the success of your business. As the business owner, you may be super motivated about your own business but how are you motivating your team? Here are 11 tips for motivating your employees:

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Basically employees want three things:

1) that their work is valued, recognised and challenging

2) that they are rewarded appropriately for their work

3) that management is competent

Here are some tips to motivate your employees:

1. Lead by example

If you work hard and encourage hard work (and rewards) then you can lead by example. 

2. Show them the big picture

Everyone wants to be a part of something larger and more useful for everyone. Show them why is their job important for themselves and for the whole organisation.

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3. Set goals and hold them responsible for their fulfillment

Setting SMART goals and holding people accountable is motivating. 

4. Always provide appropriate feedback

Ask them to give you feedback about the work they have done regardless of whether it is good or bad. That is one of the hardest things to do for a manager, especially if you need to change some wrong behaviour. Instead of approaching it as you have done this wrong, approach it as how can we learn from this?

5. Let them know you are backing them

The best way to gain their trust is if they know that you are covering their backs. Let them know that good results will be rewarded and that the mistakes won’t be punished.

6. Give them conditions to be effective in their work

Give them the freedom to be effective. Remove obstacles that might be blocking their effectiveness.

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7. Give them the amount of responsibility they can handle and a bit more

Stretching people and gently prodding them out of their comfort zone can be motivating. 

8. Communicate with them openly and honestly

Be as open as you can about the way the business is going. Making people feel part of the journey is a strong motivator. 

9. Give the personal time whenever they what it

Try to give them space for the important things in their lives like their families or a doctor’s appointment. An employee cannot function normally if he has worries at home. Let them know that you care and give them flexibility where they need it.

10. Create a good working environment

It is well known that the physical workplace can affect employees depending on, for example, colours and the amount of light. Make sure the work space is as conducive as possible for comfortable work. It is their second home after all.

11. Demonstrate empathy, humility and a sense of humour

The days of the autocratic boss are gone. People respond much better to bosses that are empathetic, humble and can show a sense of humour. 

Motivating your employees can be a complex science but working on these aspects can really deliver better results.

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