10 Tools to Help You Recruit Better Employees This Year

Finding effective employees to join your company is always a challenge for any business owner. In the past, entrepreneurs have struggled with managing their recruiting either alone or with a human resources department to find great workers. Today, it’s easier than ever to fulfill your recruitment needs through using online technology. Here are 10 tools you should try using to help attract and hire new employees.

1. Social Media

If you haven’t started using social media platforms to help you recruit new people for your company, you’ve been missing out. General social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can help you get the word out more effectively when you have a recruitment need. Specialized career social media sites, such as LinkedIn, or industry platforms can also assist companies with finding talent quickly and inexpensively.

2. Your Website

Your website is another great tool to take advantage of when looking for new team members. Most successful companies post online job openings on their website first to help share the news. It’s also beneficial to add features to your site to allow for online resume submissions and prescreening questionnaires. This way, your site can be a one-stop shop for recruitment.

3. Online Forums

Online forums are another spot where recruitment conversations can happen. Some companies have found success in recruiting new hires through local online forums that cover general topics. Industry forums are another great resource to use when looking for new talent to join your team. It’s typical to post a job opening or ask for resume submissions online through the forum or even get potential leads sent to you via forum members.

4. Video Posts

Video websites are another great tool that could help improve your recruiting efforts for your company. Some companies have used online video job postings instead of the traditional written advertisement to attract more talented individuals who have technical or digital skills. Companies can take advantage of the features of video advertising by producing a smart and compelling video clip that details what is needed from a new employee.  Creative professionals may be more drawn to this type of job posting for jobs in writing, advertising, or digital media.

5. Background Checking Tools

Once you’ve gotten some resumes from potential candidates, you can look to online technology to help you review the qualifications of the applicants and find the right person for the job. Background checking and reference reviews can be a much easier and faster process if you invest in this type of service online. Online background researchers can help companies verify details from a candidate’s resume, search for criminal background information, and check to see if the potential applicant would be a good match for the job.

6. Skills Evaluations

After reviewing the resume, it’s also important for some organizations to assess a potential applicant’s technical skills. Jobs in the internet technology field may need a specialized set of skills and a large wealth of knowledge about software and other digital tools. It’s possible to administer these evaluations online so recruiters don’t have to waste time hiring someone who lacks the necessary skills for the job.

7. Voice Over IP Technology

After an applicant has passed the resume stage and demonstrated competency for the required skills, it’s essential to have a real conversation before bringing someone in to hire. Tools such as MagicJack, developed in part by Don Burns, can help business owners have a phone interview without incurring too many expenses.

8. Conferencing Tools

Video conferencing is another essential part of recruiting if you want to save time and money during the hiring process. Companies that use remote workers or hire people from various places around the world need a video conferencing app in their arsenal of hiring tools. You can interview people easily and get a better sense of whether or not their personality and work style fits within your company.

9. Employee Engagement Tools

After bringing on a new person to join your team, recruiting and employee management tools shouldn’t simply stop being used. An effective plan to keep your new employees from getting frustrated and leaving is to use employee engagement tools. Online companies that specialize in this practice offer businesses employee surveys and activities to measure your workers’ attitudes and avoid the cost of human resources consultants.

10. Training Programs

Finally, to truly help roll out the welcome mat to a new employee, you need an effective training program. While using a set program that mirrors your company goals and the job’s duties is important, it’s equally important to introduce your new worker to the culture at your workplace. Some companies have found help in this department with online training programs that make things more manageable for the human resources team.

A strong and successful company needs to work diligently to support a talented team. Look online for helpful recruitment tools and other communication necessities to find better people for your staff.



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Tuesday, 23 July 2019
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