10 Innovative Employee Engagement Techniques

According to a recent survey by HR experts Aon Hewitt, 40% of employees are ‘not engaged’ in the workplace. Worryingly, there is also a significant 20% that are ‘actively disengaged’. Here are 10 innovative techniques to actively improve employee engagement.

1. Recruitment

Be honest from the start and don't promise more than you can deliver. Skilled employees want to be challenged. Set clear goals and expectations, instigate career development programmes and communicate the organisational values.

2. Corporate Belonging

Modern recruits place a great deal of importance upon belonging. What's more, they seek career opportunities that provide a sense of purpose and social significance. A great place to start here is to develop ways employees can bring together the values of the organisation to do some good. Allow them time to volunteer, match charity funds raised and consider becoming a more environmentally responsible company.

3. Meritocracy

The newest generation of workers do not have a particularly high tolerance for hierarchical approaches. Instead, they prefer open communication and honesty. They value and actively seek feedback. The key driver to success and solid employee engagement is results rather than time served. A more horizontal structure within an organisation, with a performance-based reward system, will prove far more effective in terms of employee commitment.

4. Benefits

The new generation of employees are looking for a certain degree of flexibility. Putting into practice a range of programmes to promote employee well-being is a great way to keep them fully engaged. Benefits such as paternity leave, health club discounts and flexible spending are good all incentives. Additional advantages in the form of vouchers or rewards schemes also work well.

5. Communication

Foster an environment where communication is central. Encourage and reward employees for speaking out and conveying ideas, issues or areas of concern. Structured training and mentoring schemes work extremely well, allowing employees to grow in both skill and confidence. Frequent appraisals or simply time to 'check in' on a regular basis are important to make the employee feel valued and to open up space for discussion.

6. Work/Life Balance

Allowing a degree of flexibility for employees will enable them to achieve a better home/work life balance. They will be happier, more productive workers for doing so.

7. Connecting

Connectedness is very important in the workplace today. Employees need to feel that management are interested in what they have to say and that they are being kept informed about the bigger organisational picture. Allow all employees, not just those in management levels, to provide input as to how they feel the company should be moving forward. Corporate strategy and mission statements are often far more effective when they have been developed and approved by all levels of staff, and not just those in managerial roles.

8. Technology

Technology today allows organisations to tap into a whole new world of capabilities. It is vital that businesses keep up with the trends, many of which can make life easier, more interesting and also more satisfying for employees.

9. Diversity

Diversity is incredibly valuable within the global marketplace. As such, it is also a necessary part of a productive workforce today. Embracing and celebrating all aspects of diversity, from sexual orientation to gender, race and ethnicity, will further promote employee engagement.

10. Enjoyment

Make work a 'fun' place for employees and they will look forward to coming in each day. A relaxation room, sponsored activities and family fun days are just a few ways to make the workplace more enjoyable.







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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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