10 Home Office Tips to Boost Productivity

Working from home is the dream for many people and ensuring you get the most out of your home office is the key to success. Maintaining a level of professionalism and organisation will allow you to conduct business from your home office more effectively and more efficiently. In this post we look at 10 Home Office Tips to Boost Productivity.

1. Keep your work life and personal life separate

Okay, so this is probably one of the most obvious tips but mixing business and pleasure, especially in a home office setting is just not a good idea. There is no denying that the two will cross over at times for the simple fact that your office is your home. In order to overcome this challenge, remove distractions such as tv, game consoles and books so you can focus on your work. Have a level of differentiation between your office space and other areas in your house.

2. Set regular office hours

Working from a home office allows you to have a flexible schedule and that’s great but you still have to put in so many hours a day in order to get your work finished. You certainly don’t have to follow a more traditional work day but allocating uninterrupted blocks of time to do work is vital to being productive.

3. Organise your space

Don’t try and work from the middle of a sea of papers and dirty coffee cups. Find a way to organise your desk that works for you. Reduce clutter as much as possible, so that you can focus on what you are doing. A good idea is to clear the desk at the end of every day so you start fresh at the start of the next one.

4. Use a whiteboard or notice board

Putting up a magnetic board, pin board or marker board will help you stay organised and maximise your productivity. Having your to-do-list neatly displayed in front of you will keep you focused and engaged in your work.

5. Utilise natural light

If at all possible set up your home office in a room that gets plenty of natural light. It will increase your mood, let you focus better on your work and boost your mood as you work.

6. Use a clock

Keeping track of time is important during your work day. Ensure that you have a clock on the wall, large enough for you to read at a glance so you can give tasks the necessary time they require.

7. Get a good chair

Working from home doesn’t mean you should slouch in the armchair doing your work. Using a good chair, with proper support will help you stay attentive and alert while also offering your lumbar the support it needs.

8. Simplify

Keep things minimal in your office. Have what you need and nothing more. Everything should have its place and you should be able to access everything you need quickly and easily.

9. Stay updated

Keeping your software, virus scanners and operating system up to date is important for you to stay productive. You don’t want to be dealing with pesky popup reminders to update all the time so stay on top of your tech.

10. Get out of your office

Being in a home office people sometimes get complacent; they get a bit too comfortable. Take a break or relocate for the afternoon to a coffee shop or a park and come back to your home office reinvigorated and energised.


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Tuesday, 16 July 2019
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