10 Forgotten Aspects of Office Upkeep

How often do you change your air conditioner filters? Have you ever taken a q-tip to the interior of your keyboard?

According to research, more than 57 percent of office workers will freely admit to judging someone by the cleanliness of their office. If you haven't been maintaining a high standard of order, you could be sending a terrible impression to clients, visitors and employees.

The good news is that it's easy enough to roll up your sleeves and restore your workplace to its former glory. If you're ready to make the right impression, here are just 10 tasks around the office that will make it sparkle.

1: Wash Your Windows

It isn't enough to just take a rag to the glass every once in awhile. You should have your windows deeply and professionally cleaned every month or so; this will ensure that even the hinges are dust- and rust-free.

2: Polish Wooden Surfaces

Your office may be full of gleaming steel, but your wooden desks and bookshelves need attention, too. A polish will deepen their color, preserve their grain and protect their surfaces from scratches and gouges.

3: Clean Your Computers

Computers are absolute cesspools for germs. Between your cords, keyboards, power buttons, mousepads and/or touchpads, you probably have millions of bacteria living on your electronics. Grab a disinfectant and get to work.

4: Pay Attention to Air Quality

Even if you don't smell anything, your office could be full of formaldehyde and benzene from paint, chemical cleaners, leather products or pest control sprays. Look into air purification products or invest in a few office-friendly plants that will naturally rid the air of harmful compounds.

5: Throw Open the Closet

If you have a designated storage place for coats, purses and other personal items, you should know that they're tracking in all kinds of dirt and debris from the outside world. You'll need to vacuum the carpet, wipe down the hooks and air out the room to achieve a true clean.

6: Change the Filters

When was the last time you cleaned or replaced your HVAC filters? Not only can dusty filters cause problems in your heating or cooling unit, but they'll also reduce power efficiency and result in a higher bill.

7: Dust Your Fans

If you have ceiling fans or any other kind of high-hanging object, you probably don't even think about the dust that accumulates on top of the blades. You can't see it, so it's easy to forget about it. Climb atop a chair and fix this mistake.

8: Defrost the Break Room Fridge

Employee kitchens aren't known as places of great sanitation, but this is another area where your electric bill could be suffering because of power chugging unnecessarily hard. Take out all the old yogurts and defrost the fridge: You might be surprised by how much you save. This is great advice for your home fridge too. Here are some more Maintenance tips for your home.

9: Clear Your Drains

Sinks in the workplace can become clogged just as easily as those at home. Maintain the integrity of your pipes by calling a professional drain cleaner to scrape off the grime, prevent obstructions and improve water velocity.

10: Organize Your Files

This one isn't related to cleaning, but it's important nonetheless. You should be periodically going through your files and sorting, cataloging, archiving and alphabetizing them. This will prevent clutter down the road.

These are just 10 tips for office upkeep that are forgotten by most bosses. Remember, more than half of your visitors are going to wrinkle their noses at a dusty or grimy workplace. Use this list to impress them and reel in their business!



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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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