10 Expert Tips to Boost Your Web Traffic

10 Expert Tips to Boost Your Web Traffic

Have you ever played a puzzle game? I am sure most of the readers might have. SEO is not much different from a complex puzzle where Google puts more than 200 pieces (ranking factors) together to rank your website. In order to win at SEO you might need expert advice to tell you what works and what does not.  In this article, we ask top experts in the industry to reveal their secret tips to increase web traffic.

Keyword Research and Target Audience

Jordan Kasteler, a digital marketing strategist and consultant suggests that you should not only focus keyword research but also conduct in depth research about your target audience. If you know your audience very well, developing buyer personas will not be a problem. This will help in knowing where your audience are and know about their likes and dislike, which would make it easier for you to please them by giving what they are looking for.

Create Long Form Content

Neil Patel needs no introduction when it comes to digital marketing. Forbes says he is one of the top 10 online marketers, and Entrepreneur Magazine says he created one of the 100 most brilliant companies in the world. His advice: Produce in-depth long form content that deliver value and see your website traffic skyrocket. Long form content not only has a greater impact on SEO but also helps you get more social shares as well.

You will have to understand your audience and their problems to tailor your content according to their needs. Just do a search on Google and see the results on the first page. What do you see? You will see results with more than 2000 words. That is evidence why long form content ranks higher on search engines.

Content Type Matters

Rand Fishkin, founder of Moz have a completely different take on things. With most of us busy in delivering the content users wants to read and share, he suggest that you should pay extra attention to the format and type of content as well. In order to be successful in bringing more traffic to your site, you should give your users content in a format they love. In today’s hectic lifestyles, you users do not have time to read the full article. Make it easy for them to skim through it. That is the reason why infographic is such a hit because it present complex concept in visually appealing and easy to understand manner.

Find Influencers In your Niche

Entrepreneur calls him an “SEO genius” and Inc. calls him “world’s most sought after SEO expert”, Brian Dean is an SEO expert who have earned global recognition. According to him, SEO agencies  should look for influencers in your niche to make your content go viral. Include influencers in your content strategy and produce content that your influencers are looking to share. For that, you will have to know them better so you can give them what they want. They influencers has huge fan base and the power to shape public opinions.

Put Social Media To Good Use

Danny Sullivan, founder of Marketing Land and Search Engine Land shares his advice through an official tweet, “Start using social media sites to promote your business.” Social media is an important ranking factor for search engines these days. With both Facebook and Twitter making posts and tweets searchable for search engines, his advice makes sense. Do not forget to get your business listed in local search engine listings and local business listings.

Have a Mobile Strategy

With number of mobile users surpassing desktop users and Google creating a separate index for mobile sites, you should have a separate SEO strategy for mobile. Bruce Clay, founder of Bruce Clay Inc. tweeted, “Mobile results and satisfaction will be more important than any other technical issue.” He also predicted that Google would focus more on web pages that specifically answers a question and delivers an excellent user experience across different device. In quest to deliver relevant results to its users, Google will also embrace local search so if you want to generate more traffic, have a mobile friendly site that resolve user problems and have a local presence to get found on search engines.

Email Outreach

One mistake that most bloggers make is that they publish great content and wait for things to happen. Unfortunately, this is not the right way to go about it. Instead, they should look to promote their content to attract more visitors. Irrespective of how good your content might be, if you do not promote it effectively, you will not get the website traffic you are looking for.

Adam Connell, Marketing director of UKLinkOlogy shares his tips of getting more web traffic when he said, “Once people are on your website, you need to find a way to coming back. Building an email list is the best way to do it.” Use email outreach to share your content with your users and build a stronger bond with them.

Guest Posting

Cormac Reynolds, Director of My Online Marketer knows a thing or two about content marketing and getting and sustaining website traffic. He thinks that guest posting on popular sites every now and then could send referral traffic to your website but also improves your site’s rankings on search engines. When you are publishing a guest post on different sites, you also get an opportunity to invite influencers to write a post for your website.

Optimize For Search Engines

When you are looking for something, where would you go? Most of us rely on Google and other search engines to find information we are looking for. As a result, you should optimize your website for search engines and make it search engine friendly so it can pop anytime a user search for a related term. Sean Si, SEO specialist and blogging coach at SEO-Hacker uses innovative technique to optimize product for search engine. A front-end widget with link at the bottom does a job for his company.

Answer Questions on Communities

Pam Sallegue, marketing manager of SEO-Hacker and PamSallegue prefers communities such as Quora and Inbound.org to bring relevant traffic to their website. Answering questions in communities helps you to engage with like minded people who are facing similar issues as you are. This makes it easier for you to bring them on your blog. Due to this, your organic traffic and keyword rankings will increase. Interacting with users on community will create a stronger bond and relationship that could benefit your business.



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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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