10 Common Direct Mail Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2015

Despite the advance of digital marketing, there is still a very important role for direct mail marketing campaigns to play in modern business. There is something more personal and tangible about a physical piece of mail, which is why this way of reaching out to customers is making a real comeback. If you're planning a major direct mail campaign in 2015, avoiding these 10 Common Direct Mail Marketing Mistakes will help you to maximise your conversion rates.

10 Common Direct Mail Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2015

1. Sending to the wrong mailing list

Sending an email costs nothing; however, sending letters and marketing materials in envelopes incurs the cost of postage. If your mail-out involves thousands of customers, identifying the wrong customer group could prove to be a very costly mistake. It may be worth buying a customer list from a reputable marketing company - to ensure that your message is being sent to the people that are most likely to respond to it.

2. Not testing your campaigns effectiveness

Try to roll out your marketing campaign in stages, and test whether each stage is working at regular intervals. You can do this by providing a discount code or voucher that can be linked back to a specific marketing message. If you roll out your campaign in stages, you can make changes to any ineffective marketing copy or special offers that aren't having the desired results.

3. Not personalising your message

Bland, generic and uninspiring mail will simply not be opened. In order to grab the attention of your target audience, you should experiment with bespoke, coloured envelopes that represent both your brand and your marketing message in the best possible way. You can also have your company's logo and a brief message printed on your envelopes in order to grab attention from the outset.

4. Failing to focus on the benefits

Too many marketing campaigns rely on communicating the features being offered to the customer - instead of the benefits. Consumers want to know 'what's in it for me', so make sure you tell them at the earliest opportunity.

5. Overuse adjectives

You only have a few seconds, from the moment your envelope is opened, to grab the attention of the recipient. Overloading your marketing copy with adjectives will slow the reader down, and increase the chances of your mail-out being thrown straight into the nearest bin. Keep things concise, snappy and to the point.

6. Leaving the best 'til last

One of the most common mistakes copywriters make is leaving the most important message until the very end of copy. You need to persuade your customers to buy your product or service within the first two paragraphs, or your entire marketing message could be consigned to the trash before your main point has been made.

7. Concentrating on the product

Business to consumer marketing is not about introducing the specifics of your company, brand and products; it is about telling potential customers what benefits they will receive by choosing your company over others in your area of business. Customers aren't bothered about your business' credentials until their interest has been aroused - so give them a compelling reason to read on from the outset.

8. Not adding the personal touch

In order to resonate with potential customers, your copy needs to speak directly to individuals - and not to the thousands of people who will be receiving exactly the same mail-out. Make sure your copy is written in the present-tense, second person - as this is the best way to develop a connection from the moment your marketing envelope is opened.

9. Failing to use the word 'free'

Nothing arouses the interest of a potential customer than the word 'free'. A free gift or a free consultation demonstrates that there is nothing to lose by asking for more information, and it represents a very obvious benefit from the outset.

10. Selling instead of solving problems

Most consumers in the 21st century are aware of the most commonly used marketing and advertising techniques, and they have become very resistant to most of them. You should perform some research to ascertain which of your target consumer's problems can be solved by your product or service. Sell your business on the basis of problem-solving, and your audience will be far more receptive.

Direct mail marketing is as popular as ever, but a comprehensive, well-planned strategy is needed if campaigns are to be successful. As long as your mail-outs are reaching the right people, grabbing the attention of your target customers and spelling out the benefits associated with them, there is no reason why your 2015 direct mail marketing campaign can't be your most successful to date.

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