Points Assignment

Earn points when you perform specific actions.
Read a conversation
Earn points when you read a conversation.
Recipients: 0
Created a New Event
Earn points when you create a new event.
Recipients: 25
Invite User to Event
Earn points when you invite user to an event.
Recipients: 0
RSVP Attending an Event
Earn points when you RSVP attending an event.
Recipients: 51
RSVP Not Attending an Event
Points will be deducted when you RSVP not attending an event.
Recipients: 8
Upload File
Earn points when you share a file in the stream.
Recipients: 3
Adds a user as friend
Points will be given when you add another user as your friend.
Recipients: 689
Removes a friend
Points will be deducted from your account when you remove your friend.
Recipients: 11
Invitee registered on the site
Points will be given to you when your friends who are invited registers on the site.
Recipients: 0
Joined Group
Earn points when you join a group.
Recipients: 161
Leave Group
Points is deducated when you leave a group.
Recipients: 4
Invite Friends
Earn points when you invite one of your friends to join the group.
Recipients: 5
Reply In Discussion
Earn points when you post a reply to a discussion in a group.
Recipients: 0
Reply Accepted As Answer
Earn points when your reply get's accepted as the answer to a discussion.
Recipients: 0
Create Announcements
Earn points when you create new announcements items in your group.
Recipients: 0
Upload photo
Earn points when you upload photos on the site.
Recipients: 841
Remove photo
Deduct points when you remove a photo.
Recipients: 10
Like a photo
Earn points when you like a photo.
Recipients: 31
Unlike a photo
Deduct points when you unlike a photo.
Recipients: 1
Update your avatar
Points will be given once when you update your avatar to replace the default avatar.
Recipients: 804
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