Starting a business in London? Not without these absolute essentials you're not...

London is the economic capital of the UK – the home to many of the country’s (and the world’s) most successful businesses. It’s no surprise, then, that London is the chosen location for more new start-ups than any other city or town in the country. O...
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Five Smart Ways To Get Funding For Your Startup

Resourcing funds and investors for a start-up is probably the single most important thing you can do at the outset of your business. Having a great business idea is not enough as you have to still accomplish a huge task of finding funds for your star...
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4 Ways To Bulletproof Your Small Business From Disaster

Natural disasters strike when least expected. Such calamities often catch most small businesses off guard. This explains why close to a quarter of small businesses today are unable to get back on the feet in the wake of a major disaster. Most busines...
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Don’t Choose Awkward Business Names Like These

It is completely okay to have a little bit of humor in your business title but there is a very fine line between humor and disaster . Some entrepreneurs just for the sake of getting noticed choose names that are downright nonsensical and at times off...
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4 Questions to Help You Find Your Ideal Business Premises in London

Getting ready to launch a new business is nerve-wracking and exciting – even more so if you’re planning to open up shop in the capital. You’ll already know that the market is exceptionally competitive, and that only 53.7% of businesses in the UK surv...
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Ulster Bank Markets Daily Top 3

Ulster Bank Markets Daily Top 3
Barnier takes hard-line position on financial services in UK Michel Barnier, the EU’s Chief Negotiator, set out a hard-line negotiating position in an exclusive interview with the Guardian newspaper that was released late Monday evening. In the inter...
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Why Are Patents So Crucial for SME's Looking to Get Off the Ground?

When it comes to turning an idea you have for a product into a thriving, money-making enterprise, understanding the legalities of monetising your innovation can be a daunting process. With so many hundreds of thousands of cutting-edge technological d...
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Local Search: Your Secret Weapon Against the Big Brands – And it’s Free!

Google has more than 1.2 billion unique users per month. It represents an amazing marketing opportunity for businesses large and small, yet there is much to support the view that Google favours large companies in organic search results. With big bran...
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6 Reasons Your Signage is Bad for Business

Why do companies bother putting their names on the front of their business? “Simple,” you say, “it acts as an advert, helps them to stand out from the competition, and makes it easier for customers to find them”. Absolutely. Okay, so when you see a d...
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Here's What Large Corporations Can Learn From Startups

It seems like many big corporations still see startup companies as the new kid in town with no substantial knowledge of the business. This mentality can be damaging, especially if so many startups possess beneficial habits that all established compan...
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3 Critical Business Organisation Problems and How to Fix Them Fast


There is no such thing as a business, large or small, that does not have organisational problems. Sometimes these issues are growing pains, but in some cases, they are real problems which have a major impact on the production and success of the company as a whole. 3 critical issues that many companies face include the following:

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Expert Marketing Tips for the Small Business Owner

It’s not always easy to be a small business owner, especially when you have to consistently stay up to date with the latest marketing strategies, algorithms, and trends. You need to keep ensuring your business runs smoothly while also increasing your...
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Startups that Overcame Huge Barriers to Become Successful

Not long ago, Mark Zuckerberg gave a powerful speech to this year's graduating Harvard students. Instead of telling them to find their purpose in life through eureka moments like typical graduation speech, he offered something else: "The idea of a si...
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Future Business Leaders Rejoice!

Were you born to rule?   Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur or a business personnel?  Do you think in terms of innovation?  Do you always look out for new ways to succeed? Are you a Business student? Are you a Business owner? Did you jus...
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Want a Thriving Business? Focus on Staff Augmentation


We often hear about various hiring strategies that are of high demand among organisations and businesses or read numerous pros and cons of each such strategy and their comparisons. In this article, we offer you a deeper insight into one of the most effective and popular hiring strategies named staff augmentation.

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Why Agility is the Key Watchword for Start-Ups in 2017

If you're launching a start-up in the modern age, you're definitely not alone! According to the statistics, a record high 650,000 new businesses were formed in 2016, beating the previous mark of 608,110 reported in 2015. While most of these were regi...
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Early Stage Start-Ups Don't Need to be Terrified of Business Plans!

So you've started a new business - congratulations! While growing your business, you're bound to come across many, many things you have no clue about! One of these may be having to put a Business Plan together. If you've never done this before, it ca...
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Lessons Learned Whilst Being a Copywriter for a Fast-Growing Startup

A balance between quality and quantity is essential while working in a fast-paced startup. As a Bachelor of Public Relations holder, I know the importance of a good copywriter and the impact it can give to readers. Working as a copywriter in a fast-g...
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This is Why Most New Entrepreneurs Don't Succeed

Who doesn't want to start a business these days? In 2017, we’ve all got entrepreneurial fever. Everyone and their mom wants to start their own business. The temptation of passive income, location independence and financial freedom is too attractive t...
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How Technology Has Changed B2B Dynamics


It is predicted that online B2B transactions of manufacturers are likely to reach around $3.68 trillion by 2025 in key economies such as the UK, China, the US and Japan. This is due to the growth of digital sales platforms, global accessibility, website compatibility and instant customer reach, which have revolutionised traditional ways of doing business. So, with technology a catalyst for changing B2B dynamics, how can your business navigate a growth strategy to adapt to the changing landscape? 

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