4 Hurdles New Home Businesses Have to Overcome

Though starting a new business can be fun and exciting, it is not without its challenges. As you probably know, running a home business requires a lot of work. Whether you are just starting out or you are still planning your launch, you can expect to...
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Why SEO Is More Important than Advertising Today

The Internet has grown to become a primary source of information, a platform to promote two-way communication, and a reservoir that provides unlimited business opportunities. With the advancement of technology comes increasing methods for marketers a...
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Why I invest in Failing Early Stage Companies

A few days ago I got upset enough to troll a connection. Okay, it was only a critical comment and not intended to offend, but it annoyed me completely.  Why?   Because of this well-meaning comment. "... call to all AgTech Start-Ups. If you are intere...
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Why Tech and HR Are the Perfect Couple

There’s no escaping the fact that technology is all around. In fact, the majority of everyday tasks are now heavily dependent on some form of electronic assistance, automation or leverage. Human resources departments aren’t immune to digital trends. ...
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SME: A Friendly Office is a More Productive One

Numerous research studies confirm that happy employees result in a more productive and profitable business. One study found that 69% of employees in SMEs were found to value happiness over salary, which is something to take into consideration as an S...
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Why Ads Are Not The Best ROI For Your Online Shop

Every business knows the importance of identifying the correct platforms and promotional strategies to approach your target audiences. Different methods of disseminating information will result in varied responses from your targets. Being able to pin...
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25 Irish Business Awards You May Wish to Enter

All companies want to win awards. Awards provide prestige and are great for branding. They are also great for team morale and, of course, marketing. But which ones should you apply for and when are they held? I couldn't find a definitive list of Iris...
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Recent Comments
Aislinn Brennan
Very interesting to see what the awards landscape in Ireland looks like
Wednesday, 17 January 2018 10:23
Aisling Foley
Actually, I've found four more since posting this which I updated on the original blog post. https://aislingfoley.com/irish-techno... Read More
Wednesday, 17 January 2018 11:05
Ron Immink
Thank you.
Wednesday, 17 January 2018 13:23

Six Direct Marketing Tips for 2018

Direct marketing is a vital part of the strategy for many business. Whether you are selling B2B or B2C, and whether you are marketing products or services, a high quality direct marketing campaign can be enormously profitable. But many companies are ...
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Always Organized: 4 Ways CEOs Keep Themselves on Top of Things

CEOs are known for their busy schedules, and the most successful ones don’t get to the top by luck. They get there because they know how to organize their lives and stay on top of everything they need to accomplish. If you’re trying to become more pr...
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How to Avoid Unseen Threats, That Could Slow Your Business Growth

How to Avoid Unseen Threats, That Could Slow Your Business Growth
As Chief Executive Officer of Cellulac, I often write and speak on the creation and building of small, early-stage - sometimes pre-revenue, even debt-laden -- companies into larger commercial businesses. This is based on the success I have had in 20+...
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James OSullivan
Great post...I once saw a lecture by Jack Welsh of GE fame (When GE was the biggest company on the world) and he said that he expe... Read More
Monday, 15 January 2018 15:38

6 Helpful Hacks To Become A Mighty Mompreneur

Moms need to work for many reasons and the regular business hours often do not work for them. This is why a lot of them are striving to find something they can do from home, and still be there for the family. It is not easy to be a mompreneur but it ...
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How BYOD Can Empower your Small Business

It’s often argued that small and medium-sized businesses are central to economic growth, and this is certainly borne out by the statistics. After all, SMEs accounted for 99.9% of all private sector businesses at the beginning of 2017, while these com...
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Must Know Statistics Of Website Design Usability [Infographic]

Lately, I have been hooked onto this inspirational Hostgator waiting room ad. It goes like this, “We have ideas living somewhere in the back of our minds, some are great, others questionable, but the only truly bad ideas are the ones that are never r...
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Starting a business in London? Not without these absolute essentials you're not...

London is the economic capital of the UK – the home to many of the country’s (and the world’s) most successful businesses. It’s no surprise, then, that London is the chosen location for more new start-ups than any other city or town in the country. O...
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Five Smart Ways To Get Funding For Your Startup

Resourcing funds and investors for a start-up is probably the single most important thing you can do at the outset of your business. Having a great business idea is not enough as you have to still accomplish a huge task of finding funds for your star...
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4 Ways To Bulletproof Your Small Business From Disaster

Natural disasters strike when least expected. Such calamities often catch most small businesses off guard. This explains why close to a quarter of small businesses today are unable to get back on the feet in the wake of a major disaster. Most busines...
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Don’t Choose Awkward Business Names Like These

It is completely okay to have a little bit of humor in your business title but there is a very fine line between humor and disaster . Some entrepreneurs just for the sake of getting noticed choose names that are downright nonsensical and at times off...
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4 Questions to Help You Find Your Ideal Business Premises in London

Getting ready to launch a new business is nerve-wracking and exciting – even more so if you’re planning to open up shop in the capital. You’ll already know that the market is exceptionally competitive, and that only 53.7% of businesses in the UK surv...
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Ulster Bank Markets Daily Top 3

Ulster Bank Markets Daily Top 3
Barnier takes hard-line position on financial services in UK Michel Barnier, the EU’s Chief Negotiator, set out a hard-line negotiating position in an exclusive interview with the Guardian newspaper that was released late Monday evening. In the inter...
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Why Are Patents So Crucial for SME's Looking to Get Off the Ground?

When it comes to turning an idea you have for a product into a thriving, money-making enterprise, understanding the legalities of monetising your innovation can be a daunting process. With so many hundreds of thousands of cutting-edge technological d...
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