5 Key Things To Do For An Employee Exit


An issue with an employee has come to a head and you can no longer tolerate them in your company. Or you've found that the business needs to downsize and eliminate some people. Either way, you have the unenviable task of letting an employee go. An employee might also quit. In any of these cases, you need to get yourself ready for the change from employee to ex-employee. That means doing some tasks to ensure that the exit is smooth for your company. Here are 5 key things to do for an employee exit:

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8 Anti-Fraud Tools You Can Use To Prevent Fraud For Your Business


Any business either small or big aims to protect sensitive data online. Customer security is the priority to build trust among your customers for future purchases. When it comes to payments, you need to be extra careful with the risk of fraud which is always there. Here are 8 anti-fraud tools you can use to prevent fraud for your business:

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When To Hire And Fire (And What To Do If They Quit)


Entrepreneurs usually can't wait to set up their office space, print their business cards and start their first marketing campaign. But often they don't know the harsh truths of attracting (and retaining) top performers. Welcoming a newcomer in your company is easy, but what about letting people go? Adapting to the demands of this rapidly-evolving environment is necessary to prevent your startup boat from capsizing, even if it involves slipping in the pink slip. Here are some tips on the times to hire and fire, and what to do if they quit:

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4 Negotiation Facts That Are Totally Wrong


Two skills have served me well throughout my career, problem solving and negotiation. All problem solving requires negotiation and all negotiation involves problem-solving. The fact that negotiation is a form of problem-solving is just one of the many things most people get wrong when it comes to negotiation. Here are four well-established “facts” about negotiation that are wrong.

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6 Tips for Improving Logistics Operations for Small Businesses


Getting your logistics operations just right is always hard, especially within small businesses. Often, people assume that managing logistics for a small business is a small and easy task, given that it lacks complexity in its logistics operations. However, small businesses lack enough and appropriate resources to handle scheduling, paperwork, communication, and tracking efficiently. Logistics and chain supply is an integral part of any business, large or small. Therefore, developing an efficient and cost-effective plan is inevitable. Here are some essential tips for how small businesses can optimise their logistics operations.

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4 Simple Tips For Managing Small Business Finances


As a small business owner, by its very nature, you are likely running your company with limited resources. You have limits on your available cash, your equipment and limits on your staff’s time. If you don’t operate productively and manage your finances, your business may fail. Use these tips to reduce costs and to manage finances.

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5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need To Invest More Into Sales Training


Many small businesses assume that because of their size, there is no point spending extra money training their sales staff. This is a serious risk on their part, as sales training is required to help improve sale strategy, business development and most importantly – sales! Here are 5 reasons why small businesses need to invest more into sales training:

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Making You Think About The Business….


Some key thoughts about reflecting on this year and making you think about the business as we near another business year end and the start of a fresh year.

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5 Reasons Why You Need to Create More Video Content For Your Business


Numbers don’t lie. In the past few years, the trend shows that video is taking over the world of content and social media marketing sooner rather than later. The massive popularity of YouTube and the emergence of Instagram TV have made it clear as daylight that the demand for videos is increasing rapidly. If you’re still hesitant to jump on the bandwagon, these video marketing facts might be able to change your mind. Here are 5 reasons why you need to create more video content for your business:

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6 Tips to Keep Your Motivation High in Business


If you are running your own business and are a devoted entrepreneur, then you might feel overwhelmed sometimes. Being at the top of the game is not easy, but remember, it was not easy getting there either. Here are 6 tips to keep your motivation high in business:

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4 Simple Tips To Cut Office Costs For Your Business


Businesses often spend a significant amount of their operating costs on office supplies, paper, utilities, printing etc to create an amiable working environment. By cutting these costs, you can help your business save money without sacrificing employee comfort. All you need to do is make some small changes to scale back on your daily office expenses. Here are 4 simple tips to cut office costs for your business:

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How to Make a Sale – How Customers Decide to Buy


I regularly tell people they’re in sales, even when they think otherwise. You don’t have to be in the business of hawking your wares for cash to be selling. Every time you persuade someone to your point of view – you’re selling. Lobbyists and politicians do it. Job applicants and recruiters do it. Managers and union officials, project teams and committee members – they all do it. And yes, sales people do it too. Here's the final blog in our series "How to Make a Sale". In this one we look at how customers decide to buy:

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Latest Economic Commentary from Simon Barry and his team at Ulster Bank


Latest Weekly Economic Commentary from Ulster Bank Chief Economist Simon Barry and his team at Ulster Bank.

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How To Brainstorm Unique Ideas for Your Business


Thinking creatively to come up with unique ideas that help bring you competitiveness in the marketplace sounds ideal but even with your ideas hat on, an entrepreneur can run out of steam quickly. Here's how entrepreneurs can brainstorm unique ideas for their ventures:

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A Quick Guide To Shadow IT For Your Business


If your organisation is using productivity tools, then you need to make sure robust enterprise security is in place too. As cloud-based communication and productivity applications proliferate, start-ups, entrepreneurs and small businesses, in particular, are co-opting SaaS tools as efficiency enhancers. Known as “shadow IT” these ungoverned and unapproved solutions can be leveraged to provide a competitive edge if fortified with the right security protocols. Here is a quick guide to Shadow IT for your business:

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5 Effective Routes to Employee Motivation


As a business owner, staying on task and ahead of schedule will directly determine whether your company will sink or swim. One of the biggest problems within companies today is small inconsistencies that turn into large problems in the future. Once they get to that point they are even harder to fix because no one really remembers where the problem started in the first place. Here are 5 effective routes to employee motivation which will help you keep your employees motivated and honest with their work on a daily basis.

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4 Tips For Being Effective With Your Marketing Spend


As a business owner, it is crucial to come up with a cost-effective marketing budget that is going to produce a high return. Whether you run a small, local business or a large company, how you spend each dollar can affect the success of your company. Here are 4 tips for being effective with your marketing spend:

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4 Common Social Media Mistakes That Small Businesses Make


Social media is a crucial part of business marketing nowadays. Whether you are marketing B2C or B2B the chances are you are using one or more social media channels. Here are 4 common social media mistakes that small businesses make:

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A Tax Break for Christmas: Take Advantage of The Small Gift Exemption


Don’t forget about a small tax-planning opportunity where an employer can make a non-cash gift to an employee without the gift being taxed in the hands of the employee. Take advantage of this tax break for Christmas with no tax on gift vouchers to employees under the small gift exemption scheme:

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Five Reasons To Consider Virtual Telephony For Your Business


Virtual telephony being secure and cost-effective, can give a serious boost to your business. While providing the traditional telephone service that includes all the primary functions of the phone like making incoming calls, enabling call waiting, voice mail, call forwarding or call transfer, it also unlocks access to tons of advanced features. Here are 5 reasons to consider virtual telephony for your business:

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