SME: A Friendly Office is a More Productive One

Numerous research studies confirm that happy employees result in a more productive and profitable business. One study found that 69% of employees in SMEs were found to value happiness over salary, which is something to take into consideration as an S...
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4 Tips for Streamlining Your Marketing

In today's business world, it's all about reaching your target audience and capturing their interest before your competition does. Even more, it's about outrunning your competitors at each step of the way and ensuring that your business reaches succe...
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Technology is the Future of Digital Marketing Say Gartner

For many years, the  line has being blurring between technology and marketing. Now, Chief Marketing Officers are commanding even larger tech budgets than ever before. In this article we will look at the top 5 tips from Gartner. Each year the Gartner ...
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25 Irish Business Awards You May Wish to Enter

All companies want to win awards. Awards provide prestige and are great for branding. They are also great for team morale and, of course, marketing. But which ones should you apply for and when are they held? I couldn't find a definitive list of Iris...
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Aislinn Brennan
Very interesting to see what the awards landscape in Ireland looks like
Wednesday, 17 January 2018 10:23
Aisling Foley
Actually, I've found four more since posting this which I updated on the original blog post. Read More
Wednesday, 17 January 2018 11:05
Ron Immink
Thank you.
Wednesday, 17 January 2018 13:23

How to Avoid Unseen Threats, That Could Slow Your Business Growth

How to Avoid Unseen Threats, That Could Slow Your Business Growth
As Chief Executive Officer of Cellulac, I often write and speak on the creation and building of small, early-stage - sometimes pre-revenue, even debt-laden -- companies into larger commercial businesses. This is based on the success I have had in 20+...
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James OSullivan
Great post...I once saw a lecture by Jack Welsh of GE fame (When GE was the biggest company on the world) and he said that he expe... Read More
Monday, 15 January 2018 15:38

How BYOD Can Empower your Small Business

It’s often argued that small and medium-sized businesses are central to economic growth, and this is certainly borne out by the statistics. After all, SMEs accounted for 99.9% of all private sector businesses at the beginning of 2017, while these com...
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How the Marketing Environment is Changing

As anyone who has started their own business from scratch will attest, the marketing and promotion of your product/service is the most challenging aspect. You can have the best product in the world, but your business isn’t going to get anywhere if yo...
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4 Ways To Bulletproof Your Small Business From Disaster

Natural disasters strike when least expected. Such calamities often catch most small businesses off guard. This explains why close to a quarter of small businesses today are unable to get back on the feet in the wake of a major disaster. Most busines...
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Ulster Bank Markets Daily Top 3

Ulster Bank Markets Daily Top 3
Barnier takes hard-line position on financial services in UK Michel Barnier, the EU’s Chief Negotiator, set out a hard-line negotiating position in an exclusive interview with the Guardian newspaper that was released late Monday evening. In the inter...
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Why Are Patents So Crucial for SME's Looking to Get Off the Ground?

When it comes to turning an idea you have for a product into a thriving, money-making enterprise, understanding the legalities of monetising your innovation can be a daunting process. With so many hundreds of thousands of cutting-edge technological d...
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Is the Customer Always Right?

Is the Customer Always Right? Instead of being told what Small Business Owners need, is it not time that business owners began to tell their consultants and coaches what exactly is on their minds for their business. What are your needs and wants for ...
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5 Tasks Restaurant Managers Need to Master

Managing a restaurant takes many different skills, from marketing to managing inventory. Whether you’re managing your own restaurant or working for the owner, there are a lot of factors in being successful with it. You have many responsibilities, but...
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Here's What Large Corporations Can Learn From Startups

It seems like many big corporations still see startup companies as the new kid in town with no substantial knowledge of the business. This mentality can be damaging, especially if so many startups possess beneficial habits that all established compan...
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Seven Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Tradeshows Seven Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Tradeshows

Tradeshows can be a great way for a business to get word of their company out there, get new customers and really gain some big wins. Here are seven tips to make the very most of them.  Use promotional materials provided by the organizer. There is no...
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3 Critical Business Organisation Problems and How to Fix Them Fast


There is no such thing as a business, large or small, that does not have organisational problems. Sometimes these issues are growing pains, but in some cases, they are real problems which have a major impact on the production and success of the company as a whole. 3 critical issues that many companies face include the following:

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Startups that Overcame Huge Barriers to Become Successful

Not long ago, Mark Zuckerberg gave a powerful speech to this year's graduating Harvard students. Instead of telling them to find their purpose in life through eureka moments like typical graduation speech, he offered something else: "The idea of a si...
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Future Business Leaders Rejoice!

Were you born to rule?   Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur or a business personnel?  Do you think in terms of innovation?  Do you always look out for new ways to succeed? Are you a Business student? Are you a Business owner? Did you jus...
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Multi-Device Content Consumption Statistics - Infographic

In this modern world, majority of the internet users handle routine tasks in a way that it has become a major part of their everyday life. Most of the people are using the internet for internet surfing, online shopping, etc. Due to huge number of int...
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Growing your Business in 2018

Christmas is upon us once again. As festive adverts become ever more present on our TV screens and the mince pies are already stocked up on the supermarket shelves, now is the time where the work load starts to dwindle a little as we wind down the en...
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Lessons Learned Whilst Being a Copywriter for a Fast-Growing Startup

A balance between quality and quantity is essential while working in a fast-paced startup. As a Bachelor of Public Relations holder, I know the importance of a good copywriter and the impact it can give to readers. Working as a copywriter in a fast-g...
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