Tips for Entering Business Competitions


Business competitions can be a good way of getting some PR for your business, particularly if you make later stages or are judged to be a winner. Stepping back for a moment from your business is always good too, it lets you see how far you have come. Here are some tips for entering business competitions:

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Basic Principles of Supply Chain Management for Small Businesses


Managing your supply chain as a small business can be a complex task and can feel overwhelming sometimes. Breaking it into 5 key areas can help streamline your supply chain management. Here are the basic principles of supply chain management for small businesses:

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Free Download: A Guide To The Marketing Mix


Are you applying The Marketing Mix to your business? Are you familiar with all the Ps? We have a guide to the Marketing Mix which is free to download. 

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10 Innovative Employee Engagement Techniques


Many surveys report that employees are ‘not engaged’ in the workplace. Worryingly, there is also a significant percentage that are ‘actively disengaged’. So what can you do as a business owner? Here are 10 innovative techniques to actively improve employee engagement.

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6 Tips For How to Find and Sell in New Markets


On paper, business tips and suggestions always come quite easily. Create business, market business, sell product, profit, retire to southern Spain. Just to remind you of your goal, you keep a picture of those white-sand beaches hanging in front of your desk. While creating a business is tough, growing a business can be even more difficult. One of those ways to grow your business is by expanding into new markets, but how do you do so? In this article, we’ll examine tips about how to find and sell in new markets.

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Tips For Keeping Your Business Out Of Debt


Many business owners operate under the mistaken belief that they must take on debt. They feel it it is necessary in order to have technology, make big deals, and make payroll. The fact is that debt will dramatically increase your risks, as far too many business owners learned the hard way during the recent economic crisis. It can be very tempting to take out business loans. Businesses that do not carry debt not only survive, but thrive. Let's look at a few tips for keeping your business out of debt

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Business Event Focus: The Business Clinic at Dublin Book Festival


Dublin Book Festival takes place 14th - 17th November 2019 in venues across Dublin and their annual business event, The Business Clinic, will be on 14th of November. We asked the Dublin Book Festival organisers to tell us a bit about the upcoming event:

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Social Media Checklist: Seven Rules For SMEs


From Twitter to Facebook, LinkedIn to Instagram and beyond, social media platforms offer smaller businesses an excellent opportunity to reach out and engage with new and existing customers. The best way to use these – and which platforms to choose – can vary depending on the nature of your company, but there are certain rules that will help you get the most out of your social media efforts. We ask the experts for their best advice. Here's our social media checklist: seven rules for SMEs:

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How to Plan a Successful Business Event


From time to time a business will have the need to hold some type of corporate event. Business events can serve many purposes. They can be used to inform and motivate employees. They can be used as a reward for a job well done. They can also be used to help teach customers what the business has to offer. Here's how to plan a successful business event:

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Mentoring Supports for SMEs in Ireland


It can be a lonely road as a business owner and sometimes you just need help to tackle challenges, understand how to grow and expand both your business and as a leader, and also grow your network. A business mentor can help with this process. Here are some of the places that offer Mentoring Supports for SMEs in Ireland.

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4 Simple Ways To Connect With Customers That Really Work


Business owners and people in sales want to connect with customers, but they often fail to make a meaningful connection. This connection is a crucial part of a successful business, and a healthy business relationship can only ensue once this link is established. Here are 4 simple ways to connect with customers that really work. 

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Top Tips for Renting an Office for Your Business


No matter how small or large one’s business is, a major concern will be that of acquiring a good office. It determines how comfortable you and your clients are, and this could widely influence your business. Here are top tips for renting an office for your business:

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Gaining Momentum: Lorraine Heskin, The Gourmet Food Parlour


The latest in our series of interviews with influential Irish business leaders features Lorraine Heskin, founder of top-end restaurant, takeaway, catering and event business Gourmet Food Parlour.

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Financial Tips That Every Single Startup Entrepreneur Needs To Know


One of the biggest problems that people have when they launch a company is not controlling finances properly. A new entrepreneur will face various difficulties. Proper planning is always necessary to guarantee success. This means that you need to know all that you can about managing finances. Here are a few financial tips that every single startup entrepreneur needs to know...

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How to Make a Sale – Steps of the Sale


In the first of our Sales 101 series, How to Make A Sale, we start of by introducing the idea of a sales process, the steps of the sale. 

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How to Use Customer Reviews to Boost and Benchmark Employee Morale and Motivation


Customer reviews provide an invaluable trust signal to potential customers. By leveraging user reviews, you’re telling the world that you care what customers think, that you welcome their feedback, and that you’ve nothing to hide. You’re also doing your bottom line a big favour. Using online reviews could see your conversion rates climb up to 58%. But customer reviews can provide a raft of benefits to a business operation even closer to home: your employees. Here's how to use customer reviews to boost and benchmark employee morale and motivation:

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Six Other Ways to Finance Your Small Business


You’ve got a great business idea, you’re motivated, customers are waiting and the supply chain is in place. But you can’t make progress because you really need money to progress. Aside from your bank, here are six other ways to finance your small business.

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4 Innovative Marketing Tactics to Use for Your Business


Understanding the basic psychology of your customers will make your marketing initiatives far more successful. By practising innovative applied business psychology tactics, you can start to persuade your target audience to take action and deliver results for your marketing. Here are 4 innovative marketing tactics to use for your business:

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3 Top Tips on Adopting Crypto-Tokens for Non-Financial Companies

While you may have heard or read a lot lately about crypto-currency or blockchain and other new fintech advances, you may be wondering how your business could use this. Businesses outside the financial services industry, such as retailers, automakers and telecommunication firms, can benefit from financial technology (fintech) by embracing cryptocurrency the right way. Here are 3 top tips on adopting crypto-tokens for non-financial companies.

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4 Things You Need To Have A Successful Business


Is there such a thing as a successful business from the start? Having a successful business is much more than having good luck or putting in a lot of hard work. A new business requires a lot of things to function in perfect sync. If you plan on everything going smoothly, then be prepared for a few bumps on the way. But there are some things you can put in place to ensure your chances of success: Here are 4 things you need to have a successful business:

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