Banking Strategy

                  You always hear that you should develop a relationship with a bank and like all relationships you have to be conscious of the needs of the other party. At the early stage of the business, capital is a key requirement - so as well as...
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What Should You Know When Introducing A Product To Europe

Stefan Stremersch, a visiting associate professor of marketing at Emory University’s Goizueta Business School, has been working to demystify the takeoff of new products around the world.

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Know The Product - Market Category Map

One of the most important research and analysis requirements is to identify the ‘market category’ in which the ventures ‘product’ competes, along with other brands. This is a significant challenge, not alone at start-up /emerging stage, but also an ongoing basis for established entrepreneurs.

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Get Export Ready

Globalization needs to be part of the tool set for every entrepreneur doing a start-up today. This doesn't mean immediately going global, but understanding the global market and having a plan for the future.

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4 Areas That Yeild Valuable Segmentation Information

During the emerging growth stage of the business, entrepreneurs should begin asking questions of customers and target customers and build up market intelligence in these four areas

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Not All Customers Are The Same

Some categories of buyers can often feel unsure or distrustful of a new provider and a new product , particularly where it will involve them changing the way they do things and learning new things. They need assurance about the provider and product.

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Segmentation Methods

Segmentation methods available for marketing strategy formulation

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Directional Policy Matrix

DPM analysis is aimed at determining the appropriate strategic planning goals and the right strategies to achieve those goals across the portfolio of products, strategic business units (SBUs) and markets.

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Think Global - Act Local

Take account of the local business etiquette, culture and norms. Be global, but act local. For example, American customers are receptive to new ideas, innovations and change and the bottom-line is an all-embracing driver.

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Target The Innovators And Early Adaptors

In the early stages of all businesses, survival dictates that you find buying customers as quickly as possible. That means targeting the most interested and willing potential buyers. Innovators and early adopters are those buyers.

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Getting To The Mainstream Market

There are really two, fundamentally separate phases in the development of any high-tech or new product market: an early phase that builds from a few, highly visible, visionary customers; and a mainstream phase, where the buying decisions fall predominantly to pragmatists.

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Profiling The Mainstream Market

Derived from Figure 4.4; Key Characteristics, Needs and Role of Adopter Groups in Adrian Ryans, Roger More, Donald Barclay and Terry Deutscher Winning Market Leadership, strat

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Find An Open Or New Category In The Customers Mind

The human mind can only deal with up to 7 units of information at a time. People therefore have rationalise and simplify the world of non-stop, multiple communications and messaging to process the information they need to make decisions.

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How to Go About Creating Marketing Strategies for Your Startup


For a business to be viable, it has to do something as well as its competitors; to win in a competitive market, it has to do something better than its competitors. Most early stage entrepreneurs are strongly product focused‚ but it is crucial at this emerging stage that the entrepreneur thinks about getting into the customer's mind. Here's How to Go About Creating Marketing Strategies for Your Startup:

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Is It Your Marketing Really Motivating For Your Customers

Tom Peters, the Excellence guru, asserted that the real job for marketing was and is to make sales redundant! Image your marketing being so targeted, motivating and convincing for the customer that you require little or no sales effort to execute the buying transaction.

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Email Marketing Best Practises

In a recent research study of B2B buyers and decision makers, the use of the internet is shown to be increasingly important as a tool for researching and supporting their buying decisions. Online communication is emerging as a powerful tool for both buyers and sellers.

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The 60 30 10 Rule

Traditional postal direct marketing is as powerful a tool for communicating with prospective customers as it has always been notwithstanding everybody increasing online life. Direct mail marketing can be even more effective if you keep in mind the following:
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Marketing Communications Activities

The chart below highlights many of the marketing activities that entrepreneurs employ during their start up and emerging stages of evolution. Their objectives, strategies and communication media typically revolve around:

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Checklist Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Make sure you check your checklist for Trade Shows and Exhibitions.
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Ready, FIRE, aim

There is no point continuing to navel gaze and put too much emphasis on detailled planning. Action (any action) will create its own momentum. So get ready, (get cracking) fire and aim later. You will soon find by engaging (we mean selling) with the m...
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