How Can I Protect My Business From Cyber Attack?


Cybersecurity is a common concern for businesses across the globe. Attacks on company systems can cause severe disruptions to everyday processes, delay delivery of services, put sensitive data (both employees’ and clients’) at risk, and ultimately damage the target enterprise’s reputation. In some instances they have even forced businesses to close due to the costs of such an attack. Have you been wondering "how can I protect my business from cyber attack"? Read on for some tips.

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4 Simple Ways to Save Money in Your Business


The early weeks and months of a startup are a tenuous time. One of the ways businesses can get into hot water fast is when they burn through their available startup funds faster than anticipated—or, at least, so fast that they haven't built up the revenues to keep pace. Most startups and burgeoning small businesses are eager for actionable means of saving money now. Here are 4 simple ways to save money in your business that can help cut your expenses:

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Plenty of Food for Thought at Dairy Day 2018


From the cosy and comfortable surrounds of the Punchestown Event Centre, attendees at this year's Irish Farmers Journal Dairy Day were spoilt for choice in terms of the wide array of exhibitors, speakers and contributors on the day. The persistent and often heavy rain did not dampen the spirits of exhibitors and visitors, with lively discussion and insight. There was plenty of food for thought at Dairy Day 2018.

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7 Ways to Improve Your Website Homepage


The performance of your business is directly proportional to the performance of your website homepage. The first impression always counts. If you agree, you’re already aiming for the best possible first interaction between your brand and your first-time online visitors. Here are 7 ways to improve your website homepage:

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How To Get Customer Feedback That You Can Take Action On


Savvy entrepreneurs know that customer feedback can directly translate into real competitive advantage and boost bottom line growth in revenues and profits. Well established companies all across the world, too, are inviting customers to help them: create better, more meaningful and motivating advertising & marketing communications and to design and actually develop new products that subsequently sell faster. Here's how to get customer feedback that you can take action on:

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Information is Power, Here's How To Understand It for Your Business


Information is becoming more and more valuable - and its value is being recognised more and more. In many cases, "soft" assets like information are more valuable than all the "hard" assets of a business and more critical to the growth of the business. Information is power, here's how to understand it for your business:

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5 Ways to Reduce Your Business Fleet Running Costs


When you run a business that is reliant on a fleet of vehicles, that fleet can often be one of the most expensive costs your company faces. From petrol to services and MOTs, ensuring your fleet is up to scratch and performing safely is a hugely important consideration if your business is to run smoothly. Here are 5 ways to reduce your business fleet running costs:

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Business Achievers: Kate McQuillan and Pet Sitters Ireland

This month's Business Achiever is Kate McQuillan from Pet Sitters Ireland. We asked Kate to tell us a little bit about her pet related business and asked her about her business journey to date. Read on to find out more in Business Achievers: Kate McQ...
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Applegreen Expands Further Into The UK With Acquisition of Welcome Break


Applegreen plc has furthered its expansion into the UK with the acquisition of Welcome Break, the UK motorway service and hotel chain in a deal worth €361.8M.

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Gaining Momentum: Eamon Moore, Hikari Data Solutions


In the latest in our series of briefings with influential Irish business leaders, we feature Eamon Moore of Hikari Data Solutions, who believes taking a chance is the route to business gain.

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5 Simple Ways To Ensure Happy Employees


If you own a business, your goal should be to make money (of course!). However, you should also strive for happy employees. After all happy employees make a happy company. We’ve been inundated with images of quirky offices around the world that find unique ways to boost productivity and encourage creativity. Small business owners might not be able to do things on such a grand scale, but there are smaller and more affordable ways to lift your employees’ mood. Here are 5 simple ways to ensure happy employees:

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Improve Productivity, Profitability and Customer Satisfaction by Implementing This One Strategy (And It Doesn’t Cost The Earth)


Three things all business owners dream of having; a productive workforce, happy customers and the profits rolling in. Quite often the way you can improve sales, client happiness and output happens in isolation, either through improving products, hiring better-trained customer service or account management staff or developing new products. All can be costly and take time to perfect. Here's how to improve productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction by implementing this one strategy (and it doesn’t cost the earth):

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How to Put in Place an Exit Strategy To Maximise Value


Formulating and executing an exit strategy is one of the most difficult challenges the entrepreneur faces in creating and then subsequently realising value in the business venture. Here's an in depth guide to how to put in place an exit strategy to maximise value:

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How to Build an Effective Marketing Strategy: Ten Tips For Achieving Success


Technology and social media have definitely disrupted marketing and offered new opportunities for startups and small businesses. But many businesses jump onto platforms without a plan. If you don't have a marketing strategy, your time and money could be going to waste. Here are ten tips for making sure you build an effective marketing strategy:

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One Entrepreneur Answers 'Why Do We Do It'?


We put out the call recently on one of our Business Achievers mailings to ask people "So you want to own your own business? Why?". One business owner took the time to write back. Here's what Mícheál Ó Doibhilín, Kilmainham Tales had to say:

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Why Appointing Key Account Managers is a Smart Move


It is an immutable business fact that 80 per cent of revenues come from 20 per cent of your customers. It therefore pays to target those key customers. Here's why appointing Key Account Managers is a smart move for your business:

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Ireland Proves Fertile Ground For Fintech Sector


Regulatory support and growing overseas investment in Ireland’s already buoyant financial services industry is creating an increasingly favourable environment for Ireland’s fintech sector.

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Choosing the Right Growth Strategy


Given the rapidly moving changes in our marketplace, the challenge for the entrepreneurial company is how and when to grow. And this leads to other major questions that can be difficult to answer. Here are some key questions to ask to help choose the right growth strategy:

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The Most Effective Marketing Strategies For Small Business


Getting a startup or small business off the ground can be tough. It can take a lot of time and investment to get the whole operation going. On top of that, you also need to build up a loyal customer base. That's why marketing is essential. Here are the most effective marketing strategies for small businesses that I've come across:

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3 Key Insights from Build, Scale & Grow Final Momentum Event 2018


Over 100 entrepreneurs and business leaders gathered in Dogpatch Labs start-up hub to hear from company founders Tom Gleeson, Founder of Bunsen, Noreen Doyle, Co-Founder of the Irish Biltong Company and Eamon Moore, CEO of Hikari at the final event for the 2018 Momentum Series. Here are 3 key insights from this event:

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