How to Know When Your Business Should IPO


An initial public offering (IPO) allows a company to issue stock to the public and have it traded on a stock exchange. But how do you know when is a good time to IPO? Here's how to know when your business should IPO:

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7 Must-Haves for Marketing Your Startup


When you start up a business you tend to be focussed on your product or service but there are a few key things you should have in place for your marketing. Here are 7 must-haves for marketing your startup:

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Gaining Momentum: Pat Lucey, Aspira


In the latest in our series of briefings with influential Irish business leaders we feature Pat Lucey, CEO of Aspira, whose passion for planning and preparation knows no bounds.

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3 Simple But Essential Things To Do For Your Startup Strategy


As a startup are you wrestling with your business strategy? Have you defined your strategy? Here are 3 simple but essential things to do for your startup strategy

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Reach Out For The Help Your Business Needs to Tackle Brexit Issues


The British Irish Chamber of Commerce’s sixth #Agenda2018 seminar was held in Galway in association with KPMG and Ulster Bank on 4th October. We asked one of the business owners and panellists, Martin Fox, CEO of Joint-It in Tuam, Co. Galway for his take on Brexit and the seminar.

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Why Preparation is Key When Building a Brand


If you have just launched your startup, you are probably wondering what makes a brand or a business a complete success. Well, you might believe that this question has a complicated answer, but the truth is far simpler than you might think. Almost everything your business does will influence your success! Your beautiful logo, your catchy brand name and that ad campaign that attracted the right customers - your brand’s success goes beyond that too. Here's why preparation is key when building a brand:

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Business Event Focus: CongRegation 2018


The 6th annual CongRegation takes place next month. We asked organiser Eoin Kennedy to give us some details on this unique event and who it is for:

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Knowing Your Supply Chains and Being Prepared are Key for Brexit


The Irish Exporters Association (IEA), in association with Rhenus Logistics Ireland, Ulster Bank and Iarnród Éireann Irish Rail recently held the third large seminar of 8 regional events in the IEA's 2018 Supply Chain Series, “Securing the Interests of Irish Exporters in the Munster Region”. Here are some of the insights from the event:

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Startup Series: How To Do a Business Forecast


Forecasting is part art and part science. Art because it's going to be about the CEO's feel for the business, its market and customers. Science because there are certain predefined financials that have to be taken into account. In our Startup series, here's how to do a business forecast:

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5 Tips For Building the Perfect Startup Team

perfect startup team

A startup company is only as good as its team. No matter how good your idea is, no matter how much experience you have, your startup’s success will depend completely on the people you hire. Here are 5 tips For building the perfect startup team.

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Tips for Getting Paid On Time


Keeping your business cash flow strong can be a constant battle. Unpaid invoices can really cause problems if left too long. Here are some tips for getting paid on time:

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Free Online Training: Maximize Your Productivity by Managing Time and Tasks

The amount of time available to you is constant – you can't buy more and you can't save it for later. What you can do is increase your productivity – the value you produce in the time you have. And the better you understand your own personal productivity, the easier it will be to manage your time effectively. We have a free online training course called Maximize Your Productivity by Managing Time and Tasks available for Business Achievers members that might help.
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How to Create an Effective Positioning Strategy For Your Business


For a business to be viable, it has to do something as well as its competitors; to win in a competitive market, it has to do something better than its competitors and communicate this convincingly to the customer group that will value it the most. Here is how to create an effective positioning strategy for your business:

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Competition Time: Win a Copy of Facebook Marketing by Louise McDonnell


This month our featured business book is Facebook Marketing by Louise McDonnell, a practical guide to using Facebook, and we have 2 copies to give away.

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Business Book: Facebook Marketing by Louise McDonnell


This month our featured business book is Facebook Marketing by Louise McDonnell, a practical guide to using Facebook, and we caught up with Louise to ask her about the book:

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4 Key Reasons Why Strategy Can Fail


Why do strategies fall apart? What makes them go wrong? What can you do to avoid them? Here are 4 key reasons why strategy can fail:

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14 Tips for Designing a Facebook Business Page that Attracts Customers


If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, Facebook is a great place to start. With over two billion monthly users, cheap advertising and the opportunity to reach your target audience, it seems like a no-brainer for most businesses. But how can you make your Facebook business page stand out? Here are 14 tips for designing a Facebook business page that attracts customers:

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Marketing to Generation Z: How to Sell to The Consumers of Tomorrow

Generation Z

Marketers talk a lot about millennials. And, yet, the oldest members of the next generation – Generation Z – are starting to make their first online purchases. In fact, Generation Z is expected to collectively spend $200 billion in 2018, and by 2020 account for 40% of consumers. Here's a quick guide to marketing to Generation Z: how to sell to the consumers of tomorrow:

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Follow The Leader: Declan Mahon, Collar & Cuff


In the latest in our series of interviews with business leaders from across the country, we speak to Declan Mahon, founder of tailoring company Collar & Cuff, about his business drivers. Follow the Leader: Declan Mahon, Collar & Cuff:

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Tips on Recruiting Your First Sales Team


Congratulations, you’ve worked like a Trojan, and built your business to the point where you’re ready to employ your first sales person.  One of the biggest causes of new business failure is not poor products or services, but poor sales, so this is an important decision. Here are some tips for recruiting your first sales team:

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